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Assumption Ceremony



Two weekends ago four Druids performed a ceremony at Dreamland to manifest the Gods and Goddesses here on Earth. It is an essential part of their training, and requires a great deal of focus and determination. Throughout their third year, they had researched, built relationship with, and opened their hearts to Divinity. On Saturday night, they prepared the space, their costumes and themselves for the ceremony. Then they channeled the Sacred.

Their transformation was witnessed by the Bards in training and some guest Druids. The Deities were:
Lily: Gaia,

Mary Kay: Unnamed Horse Skull Goddess,

Chris: Govanon, and

Ivan: Shiva.

It was a very special occasion, and the Dragon Temple was filled with exquisite energy that evening. I honor all who took part in the ceremony, and for a while the Divine Ones walked upon the land.

I took some photos with a simple camera, which only contained enough juice for 4 flashes. The pictures were a little disappointing, but I include them here for your viewing pleasure. Blessed Be!