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• Autumnal Equinox Ceremony, Sept. 22nd 6pm in Montpelier.


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Christ Church Auditorium, Montpelier EVERY FRIDAY!!!  7-9pm

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Vermont Druid Training dates for 2018 are here!

Bard and Druid Training weekends (shared)

5/19-20, 6/30-7/1, 7/21-22, 8/18-19, 9/29-30, 10/27-28

Ovate Training weekends

 5/12-13, 6/16-17, 7/7-8, 8/11-12, 9/15-16, 10/13-14, 11/10-11 

Autumn Equinox Ceremony

6pm, Sept.22 
Hubbard Park, Montpelier, VT.

You are invited to the marriage of the Earth and Sky, light and dark, a celebration of Autumn Equinox, Mabon or as in Druid tradition called Alban Elfed. This is also a time of balance and the celebration of the harvest gifts of nourishment gathered for the long winter months. It is here that our energy is drawn to reflection and contemplation. Thanksgiving for this year’s harvest and experiences of the previous year.

Join the Green Mountain Druid Order for this year’s celebration at Hubbard Park in Montpelier. The celebration will begin at 6:00pm.

What do you offer as a gift to this marriage? What has been harvested in you this year? Please bring an offering of fruits and nuts as well as a representation of what has been planted & harvested in you this year for the main altar. We encourage the wearing of ceremonial attire.

We will be located down from the shelter on the hill on the right side coming into the park. Parking is limited so make sure to get here early and please do not park on the road. There is parking by the pond, by the shelter, and further up the road.

This is an open ceremony and guests are invited.

This is an alcohol and drugs free ceremony. Fire is prohibited in the park.


Burning Times Healing Ceremony

Sept. 22nd, 2pm- midnight

Metta Earth Institute

Lincoln, VT. 

The Burning Times is a period in history that has left a deep and resonant scar. 
Hundreds of years later, we are still feeling it’s effects.
Still to this day many women are afraid to step into their callings and step into the power in fear of being burned. This was a deliberate, and well executed attack on the feminine.
And we are still feeling it’s aftermath And for many of us, it is time to heal this.
It is time to go deep inside this collective trauma, together, in sacred space, to look it straight in the eyes.

We will gather on sacred land, at the base of Mt. Abe in Lincoln. 
A place where many ceremonies have occurred from many traditions.
We will build a fire, and we will dive deep together into what rages in us, what we are afraid of, and we will transmute it into our passions and our actions.

All genders are welcome.
And it is clear, that anyone that identifies as a woman, will be at the center of this healing. 
Those that identify as a man will be asked to support, witness, and hold our process.

To register:
Send your sliding scale registration to: paypal.me/KatrinaCor
Sliding scale is $10-$100
This money will go to use of the space, supplies, and to continue this work in other areas across the country.
Please bring one potluck meal to share.
Please bring water for drinking, and camping gear for sleeping if you choose to spend the night. 


I am honored to be amongst the wise and wonderful speakers in this FREE telesummit which starts Sept 23rd. Sign up and get inspired to act for the Love of Gaia!



Where the Worlds Breathe with Orion Foxwood

Building, Sustaining, & Accessing Intentional Spirit Portals and Thinning Places

Friday Oct. 19
6-9pm $35.

A workshop and inter-world experience with Orion Foxwood and Brigh

NOTE: This is the introduction that prepares Faery Seership apprentices and anyone who wants a direct experience building a Faery Cairn which is a healing place for human, earth and other.

Standing stones and oak tree stands; Open the way to the spirit lands. A circle of Hawthorn or grotto still; Or a single monolith on a haunted hill. In times forgone or places unseen;We gather in places betwixt and between. To a place that is no place where all roads intertwine.Is it your fate or our fate, the fate or mine. In the spirit soup that boils and seethes. We are called to the places where all worlds breathe. (By OF)

For countless centuries, Humanity has been guided or inspired to create highly magically charged structures of soil, stone, wood in specific places at specific times and for specific purposes. These monuments to magic were painstakingly built to tap, mediate or anchor interchanges between the living humans and a host of otherworldly being including the dragons, deities, the Faery, human ancestors, and many more; and, they were and are built to stand against time. But why did our ancestors build Avebury circle, Stonehenge, the fogou’s of Cornwall, the pyramids of Egypt, or plant sacred groves and particular trees? Perhaps the most important question is who or what prompted it…whispering in their ears eternal ponderings and deep, old magic. The magic the stars know- the stones remember, the ghosts indwell and the shining ones enchant.

In this workshop Orion will speak of thinning places where seen, unseen and thresholds in between meet- where as the ancients did, we can commune with ALL-time, the unseen pre-formed dimensions of earth life, star beings and those who live in the celestial winds and ancient magic workers and witches who dwell in the living memory of magic itself. This workshop and direct experience is about being a part of a lineage transmitted by nature, not man, and open to all true seekers of the ways of the elements, the whirling wheel of the stars and the foretime where all is renewed and eden is alive. Specific topics or techniques will include:

● Recognizing the calling and its source

● The subtle senses and the use of a discernment tool for finding thinned places

● The Faery well process for tuning into the smaller thinning places that are everywhere

● The concept of portaling, its uses and misuses.

● The use of offerings to awaken the stones and feed them

● Pillars of three realms

● Widening a thinning place and establishing Wards

● Caretaking ancient or modern thinning places

● What dwells beyond the veil

● Tuning into the inner voice and the use of discernment

● The House of Bright Faery Cairn as a modern construct of ancient instruction

● The beginnings of the “Keepers of the Cairn”fellowship to build and care for the Faery Carin t be built on Dreamland


Winter Solstice Ceremony at the Burlington Earth Clock

Full Moon! Dec. 22nd 4-6pm


To register or learn more about any of the above,

contact Fearnessence@gmail.com