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True Stories

Avalon Blog-3

CaveSacred Spaces in Avalon

It is so amazing to be back in Avalon! Sometimes I call it the land of Serendip – the place spirit reaches down and taps you on the shoulder. If you aren’t being chosen by the Wild Hunt, you can be sure that some sort of awesome experience is winging its way towards you. In my case, I had a couple of such experiences yesterday, and another one today. I say, “keep them coming, y’all!” And they do. Continue reading

Avalon Blog – 1

Mists of AvalonHi Friends,
Thank you so much for all your good wishes for my journey to the UK. It has been a rocky few days, that’s for sure! About an hour before we landed in London, a stewardess informed me that my fanny pack with all my money and credit cards had been handed in to lost and found at JFK airport! Bummer! I landed with no money, although I had my passport with me. Phew! Continue reading

Ecstatic Dance: Part 3

Dance of LifeInitiated by Gabrielle Roth

In the summer of 1987 I was persuaded by my partner at the time to take part in a 5-day dance workshop led by an awesome shamanic dancer called Gabrielle Roth. At the time, I was emphatically not a dancer, and habitually avoided such confrontative activities. In fact, expressing myself through moving my body was a practice I associated with the type of torment so-called sinners experience in hell. There was only one problem: I was in love. Continue reading

Spanish Odyssey

The Sierrsa NavadasIn the first week in September, I flew to Madrid, Spain, in order to meet my best friend Peter. We have spent much time together in this, and possible other, lifetimes. We both wanted to visit the mountains to walk, engage in spiritual practice, and simply to hang out. Continue reading

Coming of Age Ceremony at Dreamland.

Finally, after years of hoping, dreaming and planning, an intrepid team of energy holders have successfully hosted a Coming of Age ceremony for kids at Dreamland. Continue reading

Dragon News #1

DS-Atmos Continue reading

Marrying My Self

Joy!To Marry One’s Soul

Yesterday evening I had an unusual and transformative experience. It was totally unexpected, as most peak experiences are, and I would like to relate it to you. It was triggered by a poem, and I hope, after reading this blog, you might be triggered too. Continue reading

A Day at Land’s End

AdderA Day at Land’s End

Tired and needing sustenance, we drove into the car park above our rented house in Cornwall. Our group consisted of six Druid graduates plus two teachers, on a two-week pilgrimage to the sacred places in England and Wales, before doing a graduation ceremony inside the stones at Stonehenge. We had just driven non-stop from Glastonbury, and had explored some of the special sacred places in Dartmoor on the way. Continue reading

Dances with Kali

A Modern Kali

A Modern Kali

Dances with Kali

It was the time of Halle Bop, a comet visible to the naked eye, high in the heavens. For me the comet seemed like a visitor from another dimension, from another universe, making contact with humanity for its own unspecified purposes. I watched it every clear night as it flew through the heavens, sharing its tidings of magic and mystery. Whenever I observed it, I was filled by a mixture of wonder and gentle apprehension. Continue reading

Valentine’s Dance 2015

Red Rose

Red Rose

Last night we rocked the center of Montpelier! Over 50 people came to Christchurch, dressed in outrageous costumes and ready to bounce off the walls, in honor of Love. Katrina led a powerful cacao ceremony to start with, warming our hearts and bellies with the sacred Mayan drink – Yum! Continue reading