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Becoming Chief of the GMDO

Last Samhain during a powerful ceremony to honor the ancestors, i had a long talk with Ivan at his fire shrine at Dreamland. Ivan was at that time fairly new to his life in spirit, having left his ailing body a mere 5 weeks previously, yet he was and is very much at home in this realm. Despite my grief in losing his embodied presence, i smiled often as i sensed him dancing in ecstatic celebration of his freedom, with joy, humor and his huge heart beaming.  

Ivan and i were partners in life, in work and in land. Our shared dreams, passions and skills manifested a home, a school, a stone circle and an amazing spiritual community that continues to grow.   

During that Samhain ceremony Ivan shared with me his enthusiasm, encouragement and support of me stepping fully into leadership as Chief of the Green Mountain Druid Order.  Although i had become his equal as teacher, director, and ceremonialist, it was still a big deal for me to hold this role solo. Ivan had a very large presence and it was easy for me to get lost in the shadow of his charisma.  Will i be good enough?  Strong enough?  Smart enough?   I spent the next the next three months processing his loss and preparing for this sacred honor. 

I chose Imbolc as the time that i would become chief with and for my druid community. What a beautiful ceremony! With the blessing of the Green Mountain Druids in attendance, the goddess Brigid,  and Ivan’s undying support, i felt truly held. I had the blue dragon spiral which Ivan had on his cheek, and Brigid’s triple flame tattooed behind my heart.  I crafted an antlered crown to carry Ivan’s spirit which was used to pass his blessing to me as the next chief.  I consecrated a new sycamore staff and was wrapped in a mantle blessed by Brigid.  

At a time when we are seeing so blatantly what bad leadership looks like in our country, I intend to model a very different style of leadership.  Here are some of the commitments i made during the ceremony. 

As Chief of the Green Mountain Druid Order;
I promise to continue practicing leadership from heart, hands and head,   
I value co-creation, circles and community.
I value networking with complimentary teachers, events, and organizations to encourage connection, engagement, perspective, and cross-pollination.
I continue to listen, learn and grow.
I listen to my mentors; human, ancestral and other.  
I report to Dreamland, to Ivan, to the Divine, and to you, as needed and appropriate.
I apprenticed at Ivan’s side for 11 years and learned many things. 
I know that this Druid School changes lives and empowers spiritual warriors who go out and change the world.
I commit to guide the order in alignment with our mission, to nurture its health, carry the dream, let it evolve, and manifest it.
I am committed to the sacred stewardry of the sanctuary that is Dreamland. 
I am committed to uphold my students past, present and future of the GMDS. 
I am committed to continue offering these teachings as long as there is interest and ability with the support of my staff, mentors and advisors.
I promise to do my impeccable best to serve the Earth, this school and community.
I know this is my path and I am deeply honored to serve in this way.
I vow by peace and love to stand heart to heart and hand in hand,

to heal myself and heal the Earth and bring the Sacred into birth. 

Halloween Dance

Halloween Spirit  Dancer

Halloween Spirit Dancer

Why a Halloween Dance?

Halloween is one of the eight sacred days of the year, corresponding to the pagan holy day of Samhain. Samhain is the end of the old yearly cycle and the start of the new. At this ‘changeover’ time, between the worlds, the ‘veils’ are said to be thin, allowing easy access to other realities. To most of us who have little experience of shamanic realities, it can be a scary time. Continue reading

What is Druidry?


Stag on the Tor

Stag on the Tor

Druidry is an experience. It is a state of consciousness that has as its foundation an archetypal land, the original magical homeland of the ancient Celts, in its natural perfection and glory. Spirit, or the Sacred, merges with, and impregnates this magical land, and all those who live here are expressions of that spirit. It is a land inhabited and shared between gods, humans and all kingdoms of nature in respect and love. This blessed land has Soul, which fills the eyes, heart and senses with life force, health and vitality. Druidry is an expression of this realm, superimposed upon the mundane, physical land introduced to us as children by our conventional society and teachers. Continue reading

Equinox Foliage as seen from Dreamland

Equinox Foliage as seen from Dreamland

Equinox Foliage as seen from Dreamland

Welcome to the change of season as seen from Dreamland! I thought I would take a photo each day and witness the progression of Nature’s colors as we all transmigrate into winter. Some might feel that this could be a bit depressing, but I see it as the process of slowly withdrawing from external experience into the richness and treasures one finds when focusing within. As the trees transfer their consciousness from the outside, from their leaves which have danced with the Sun all summer, now they direct their energy within and downwards to their roots where they dream the dream of the next growing cycle. In some way we, as humans aligned with the cycles of Nature, need to allow this same process to unfold within ourselves. I will post a blog of my Druid musings, with a photo, every week for the next year, and I hope you enjoy my offerings! With love and blessings, Ivanwyvan.


The Golden Gateway

A Rite of Passage

Ein Hudrah


I have just arrived in the Sinai Desert, the place of my first spiritual awakening. I greet its spirit, an old friend, and express my delight at being in this hallowed place once again. Ten years ago I found a magical gateway into the world I had been searching for so long: a magical world of love, magic and meaning. I also found my guide through the Unknown: Sirius, the loyal Dog-Star who promised me I would never get lost again, as long as I kept my connection to the twinkling, rainbow star open and conscious.

On that first visit to the Sinai, I was living with a community of international travellers a few miles south of Nuweiba, a beautiful oasis on the shores of the tranquil, azure waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, about 100 miles south of Eilat. We lived in a village of ramshackle houses we had constructed ourselves from driftwood, cardboard and blankets. The weather was perfect: sunny and warm but not too hot, and, on average, only one day of rain per year!

I had been there for two or three months when we all decided to go on an adventure together. We asked a Bedouin friend to gather a number of camels and guide us through the desert. A large proportion of the community then made a 10-day journey together through the vibrant Sinai wastes on those exotic, inscrutable yet maddening beasts. On our intrepid adventure we visited magical places unseen by most tourists and had extraordinary experiences, supported by the solid yet flowing seas of multicolored shifting sands, and blessed by the diamond sun beaming benignly from the deep blue sky. Continue reading

The 2012 Magical Gateway

(Spoken by Josh during the ceremony)

Greetings to all of you who have come to be at this place and at this time. We have gathered to witness and celebrate an important occasion in the history of this world, and to give thanks that our lifetimes coincide with this moment. On this day, in just a few minutes, a gateway will unfold, a gateway connecting the center of the galaxy with the earth. Through this gateway, a new consciousness will shine, and a new awareness will be birthed. Through this gateway will be revealed the opportunity for humanity to understand and accept the responsibility we hold to each other and to this planet. We who have gathered today are among those who will midwife the birth of this new consciousness, through our hearts, our minds and our actions. Whatever you believe will happen, this event was foreseen by many cultures, including the Mayans, the Hopis and the Australian Aborigines.

We have chosen to make this gateway a golden pyramid, a fitting symbol to honor the Mayan and Mesoamerican sacred structures. . If we choose to walk through the pyramid gateway, we are affirming that we are ready and willing to become the change that we wish to see in the world.

Some say that this day will bring ascension, that we will cast aside this earthly plane or dimension, with its mundaneness, evil, and inferior physicality. But Druids believe that physical existence is both necessary and good, that it is one of two essential polarities. We delight in our time on this world. Druids believe that we have been incarnated on earth for one major reason: to unite spirit with earth, heaven with earth and to love equally our physical and spiritual sides. Body without spirit is death. Spirit without body is death. Body in ecstatic embrace with spirit is eternal life.

We call this opening “the Descension Gateway” to remind ourselves that we think not just with our head, but with our heart, also. Our attention must move down into our center, and away from intolerance, fear and helplessness so that we may honor our amazing human bodies and this magical planet that we are blessed to call home.

In this ceremony we are midwifing galactic awareness down through the sun and into the heart of Gaia, helping to ground this new energy into her, and our center. We invite all of you here to return to Earth, to our shared home, to our collective center. Be joyful! Celebrate this existence we have been gifted! Come alive! Love your whole selves!

Gabrielle Roth, the shamanic dancer, repeatedly said,

Only when you truly inhabit your body, can you begin the healing journey”

The Descension Gateway will be activated when the sun and the earth align with the dark space at the center of the galaxy. This occurs once every 26,000 years, and is understood by many cultures to be the completion of one age and the start of another. Some call this event “the end of days,” yet it is also the birth of the New Age. Be ready to be reborn!

In our ceremony, after the Sun is embraced by the center of the galaxy, all those who wish to pass through the Descension Gateway, please move clockwise around the stone circle to the center of the galaxy. Allow yourself to be touched by the new awareness, and then walk down the major alignment towards the sun, who will bless you at the pyramid gateway between the two fires of the sun. Walk through the two fires and feel the new awareness flood your being. Be reborn into the new age, the Age of Aquarius. Having been blessed by the sun, make your way to the Earth, and give your cosmic gift to her. Ground your new awareness in the heart of the earth, remembering your commitment to walk your talk from now on, to act in a loving, enlightened manner. Mahatma Gandhi once said: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. We must think it, say it, and do it ourselves, or it simply won’t happen.

This is how we will truly manifest the new age!