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March 23rd; 3-8pm


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 Every Friday at Christ Church in Montpelier!
7-9 pm

Fearn and Ivan have led ecstatic dances throughout Vermont since 2008. This is a deep passion of ours and we want to share it with as many energetic, adventurous, ecstatic types of people as we can! Our dance is inspired by Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms, or Wave model, yet we have developed our own style of presentation.  Since Ivan’s passing in September of 2016, Fearn has continued holding regular dances in Montpelier with the support of many wonderful helpers along the way.  Fearn now makes most of the playlists and shares them on our Facebook page soon after each dance. 

Ivan is present in spirit at many of our dances so i have decided to leave his description below.  It is still very accurate! 

“In order to fully surrender and dance ecstatically, I need music that bypasses my brain and thought processes, gently inspiring and leading my body into a state of pure dance. In this state my body leads me, and expresses my joy at being alive in a spontaneous expression of the moment. It is important that the music has enough power to ignite my dance body, and give me the energy to surrender to the sounds and rhythms. Knowing what I need for my own delight, I take extreme pleasure in creating the optimum conditions for inspiring and intoxicating other willing bodies into spontaneous dances of joy and self-expression.

I studied with Gabrielle in the 1980’s (I am not an accredited teacher) and she taught me to let go of my considerable inhibitions, inspired my inner dancer, and initiated me into the miracle of empowered self-expression. Although she passed in 2012, I have a deeper relationship with her now than I ever had when she was alive, and I feel her presence constantly. What a gift, what an opportunity she left us during her awesome life! Thank you, Gabrielle!

We dance at Christchurch, the stone church opposite the Post Office in the center of Montpelier, every Friday evening between 7 and 9 pm. It is an amazing space, warm and welcoming, and perfect for all sizes of dance groups between 10 and 60 people. It is a great improvement over our last space, and our numbers are swelling healthily. A beautiful and intrepid dance community has evolved over the years, and, whenever it regularly gathers, there is joy, safety and amazing creativity to witness and enjoy. There is also a sense of sharing something really special together with others. Tell your friends! Come and join us!

Check out our newsletter to hear of any other fun dance events we are organizing! If you wish to be on our mailing list, please get in touch with Fearn whose email address is offered below.

We charge $10 per person per class. This includes space rental, equipment, time, travel, advertizing etc. Please support us in creating a wonderful space, in which you may enjoy yourselves, at the same time creating a strong, healthy community!

We look forward to dancing with you!

NOTICE: I am always looking for good dance music. If you have a collection, or some tracks you are willing to share with me, please get in touch by email (see below).


A typical session is as follows:

7 pm: Gentle flowing music accompanying a period of stretching and warm up.

7.25 pm: Sharing circle and announcements.

7.35 pm: Poem Reading

7.40 pm: Start of Wave

8.45 pm: Final Sharing and send off.

9 pm: Completion.


Join us in giving your body the wonderful gift of ecstatic dance!

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You can also contact Fearn for more information at fearnessence@gmail.com

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