Druid Camp 2019!

September 20, 2019 @ 3:00 pm – September 22, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
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Victoria Brosnan

Druid Camp returns this year, headed up by members of the Heartfire Clan, our most recent Druid School graduates. 

Schedule and class descriptions are here!  See details below.

Friday night Ecstatic Dance in the Dragon Temple

Saturday night Harvest potluck feast and Fall Equinox Ceremony

Morning rituals, sharing circles, labyrinth, sacred land, spiritual community.

Open to all.  You can come for a day, a ceremony or all of it!

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Druid Camp Schedule

Friday Night Friday Night Ecstatic Dance in the Dragon Temple – DJ Koko 7-9pm
9:00  – 10:00 AM-Opening Ritual
11- 12:30pm- Workshop 1 – Henry Austin – Nature is the Perfect Toy 
2-3:30pm-Workshop 2 – Auntie Bear – Cultivating Joy
4-5:30pm-Workshop 3 – Scotty Thomas – Crystals 101
6:00 – 9:00 PM- Harvest Potluck Feast & Fall Equinox Ceremony
11am – 1pm-Workshop 4 – Genevive Drutchas – Magical Medicine Making
2 – 3:30pm-Workshop 5 – Joe Levasseur – Exploring the Imagery of Archetypes
3:00  – 5:00 PM- Closing Ritual

2019 Druid Camp Class descriptions

Nature is the Perfect Toy

With Henry Austin (Druid year)
This class teaches us ways that we can actively participate in the processes of the natural world.  How do we commune with nature not as an outsider but as a member of a wild ecological community? After a brief review of the characteristics of a “Perfect Toy” compared to the potentials of natural settings, we will explore and experience many ways of interacting with natural materials and systems that facilitate our immersion-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually-in the world around us.

Cultivating Joy 

with Auntie Bear – Heartfire Clan

People are like flowers, spreading seeds throughout the land. There are many seeds in us, both positive and negative.  Every time we practice mindful living, we plant and strengthen the healthy seeds already in us. In this workshop, we will explore together how to strengthen the healthy seeds by cultivating joy in our hearts despite the chaos in the world around us.  Together, we can choose to birth seeds of peace in to existence, one smile, action, thought or word at a time.

Crystals 101

With Scotty Thomas (Ovate year)

In this class you will learn the basics of working with crystals and their energies! You will learn to clear, cleanse, charge them, and set intentions into them. We will also go over a brief and simple meditation on how to communicate with any crystal of your choice. We will review some of the basic, and common crystals as well. 

Magical Medicine Making: An interactive workshop and discussion Off Site!

With Genevieve Drutchas – Orion Clan

A fun, shared activity workshop accompanied by discussion (2-2.5 hours). We’ll carpool to my garden a few miles from Dreamland to harvest garden and native plants. We’ll then circle around a fire and make smudge sticks with the plants we’ve harvested. Informally led, this workshop will include some teaching as well as participants sharing their own knowledge and traditions. It will touch on harvesting plants for magical uses, having and maintaining a magical garden,  the Celtic tradition of Saining, herbs historically used in the British Isles for purification and cleansing and the ethics and practices of magical medicine making. I’ll provide a handout for participants for further study on the theme at the end of the workshop. 

An Afternoon in the Unconscious: Exploring the Imagery of Archetypes

With Joe Levasseur – Heartfire Clan

In this workshop, we will be exploring the unconscious mind through its use of archetypal patterns and imagery. We will discuss what exactly are Archetypes, where do they come from, and how are they so profusely present throughout the cultures of the world. Also, we will dissect the most prevalent viewpoints and frameworks of Archetypes and discuss how we might bring these primordial images into our conscious view. We will explore how the Archetypes of our culture and collective unconscious influence our behaviors and inform our decisions. Taking conscious hold of our own archetypes, we will begin to more clearly observe them and utilize them for individuation and self-realization.

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