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March 23rd; 3-8pm


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Assumption Ceremony



Two weekends ago four Druids performed a ceremony at Dreamland to manifest the Gods and Goddesses here on Earth. It is an essential part of their training, and requires a great deal of focus and determination. Throughout their third year, they had researched, built relationship with, and opened their hearts to Divinity. On Saturday night, they prepared the space, their costumes and themselves for the ceremony. Then they channeled the Sacred. Continue reading

Spanish Odyssey

The Sierrsa NavadasIn the first week in September, I flew to Madrid, Spain, in order to meet my best friend Peter. We have spent much time together in this, and possible other, lifetimes. We both wanted to visit the mountains to walk, engage in spiritual practice, and simply to hang out. Continue reading

Coming of Age Ceremony at Dreamland.

Finally, after years of hoping, dreaming and planning, an intrepid team of energy holders have successfully hosted a Coming of Age ceremony for kids at Dreamland. Continue reading

Ivan’s Spiral Tattoo

Cheeky! It's a Dragon...

Cheeky! It’s a Dragon…

The Spiral Dragon on my Face

I still get asked: what is that blue spiral tattoo on your face? What does it signify? Well now… now is the time to explain my actions en masse, for it makes an interesting story. OK, I’m biased! Continue reading

Dragon News #1

DS-Atmos Continue reading


Leaping into the Void

Leaping into the Void

The time is ticking away, the sand is pouring, the Earth is spinning, our hearts are pumping… a little faster than usual, as we contemplate the challenge in front of us… are we going to face our fears this time, this revolution of the Great Wheel of Fortune, and walk on fire? It’s impossible, of course, we all know that, don’t we? We remember everything our elders and betters have told us about taking no risks, staying safe, keeping our heads down, staying comfortably numb… Continue reading

Marrying My Self

Joy!To Marry One’s Soul

Yesterday evening I had an unusual and transformative experience. It was totally unexpected, as most peak experiences are, and I would like to relate it to you. It was triggered by a poem, and I hope, after reading this blog, you might be triggered too. Continue reading

A Day at Land’s End

AdderA Day at Land’s End

Tired and needing sustenance, we drove into the car park above our rented house in Cornwall. Our group consisted of six Druid graduates plus two teachers, on a two-week pilgrimage to the sacred places in England and Wales, before doing a graduation ceremony inside the stones at Stonehenge. We had just driven non-stop from Glastonbury, and had explored some of the special sacred places in Dartmoor on the way. Continue reading

The Dance of Life

Star DancersEcstatic Dance Part 1: Introduction

William Shakespeare the great Bard once said that life is a stage, and we are all actors on that stage. Likewise, to a dancer, all life is a dance, and we are all dancers. Life itself is the dance arena, and our task in life is to become the dancer of our hearts, of our dreams. If you have ever watched a professional dancer, you will have seen the delight as he or she moved across the dance floor like an animal, guided by the rhythm, synchronized with the flow, expressing his or her full aliveness. Continue reading

Dances with Kali

A Modern Kali

A Modern Kali

Dances with Kali

It was the time of Halle Bop, a comet visible to the naked eye, high in the heavens. For me the comet seemed like a visitor from another dimension, from another universe, making contact with humanity for its own unspecified purposes. I watched it every clear night as it flew through the heavens, sharing its tidings of magic and mystery. Whenever I observed it, I was filled by a mixture of wonder and gentle apprehension. Continue reading