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• Winter Solstice Ceremony at the Burlington Earth Clock, Dec. 20th

• Spiral Down to the Center New Years Retreat, Jan. 2-3

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 About Fearn

Fearn and Orb

Fearn and Orb

Fearn Lickfield

is teacher, administrator, writer and
director of the Green Mountain Druid Training and Order. A skilled facilitator, educator, and Priestess of Gaia, she is committed to healing the earth one person and place at a time.  She weaves her magic thru ceremony, community, flower essences, geomancy, and LOVE.






Fearn’s passions and services:

  • She is co-creator of Ladies of the Mist Herbaroma Mists with fellow Druid Genevieve Drutchas.
  • Priestess for Gaia; offering ceremony for Rites of Passage, Seasonal Festivals and Earth Healing
  • Mentor thru Girls and Boys First Mentoring
  • Community organizer – Council of all Beings, 350.org, and Transition Town
  • Co leader of Ecstatic Dances with Ivan
  • Organic veg and herb farmer/gardener/homesteader
  • Presenter at American Society of Dowsers annual convention, Women’s Herbal Conference, Healing with Flowers, Wisdom of the Herbs School, and the Village Builders Gathering.
  • Co-creator of the annual Earth Spirit Healing Intensive with PamMontgomery
  • Hug Worts School of Magic- a local after school program for elementary school children

Fearn’s training:

  • Yoga Teacher Training- Yoga Works in Santa Monica, CA.
  • Herbalism levels 1 and 2 with Deb Soule, and additional training with Kate Gilday
  • Flower Essence Practitioner certified thru Delta Gardens
  • Shadow Healing/Sorceress Training with Steve Kushner
  • Dowsing- basic and advanced with the ASD
  • Geomancer- apprenticed two years with Dr. Patrick MacManaway
  • Trained as a Facilitator with Woman Within International- (women’s empowerment weekends) and with Joseph DiCenso (Shadow Work and NVC facilitation)
  • NVC study groups
  • Shamanic Healing- apprenticed with master core shaman Susan Grimaldi
  • One year training in Witchcraft
  • 3 years, plus ongoing on the job GMDO Druid Training