Meet the Staff

of the Green Mountain School of Druidry!

Fearn Lickfield

is teacher, administrator, director and chief of the Green Mountain Druid School and Order. As head teacher she is present with each grade of the Druid Training, and assisted by one or more of the wonderful Druid teachers below. 

A skilled facilitator, educator, and Guardian of the Sacred Earth, she is committed to healing the earth one person and place at a time.  She weaves her magic thru ceremony, community, ecstatic dance, gardens, flower essences, geomancy, and LOVE.

Fearn’s passions and services:

  • Guardians of the Sacred Earth; an Immersion in Spiritual Stewardry and Earth Healing.
  • Custom essences blends for healing people and place.
  • Geomancy Consults for home and land clearing, balancing and healing.
  • Priestess for Gaia; offering ceremony for Rites of Passage, Seasonal Festivals and Earth Healing
  • Community organizer – Council of all Beings,, and Transition Town
  • Coordinator and student of Faery Seership with Orion Foxwood
  • Facilitator and DJ of Ecstatic Dance Vermont 
  • Organic veg and herb farmer/gardener/homesteader
  • Presenter at American Society of Dowsers annual convention, Women’s Herbal Conference, Healing with Flowers, Wisdom of the Herbs School, and the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism and the OBOD Summer Gathering 2018.


Bardic Grade


Kari Hetrick aka Auntie Bear of Heartfire Clan.  As far back as I can remember, I have had a special connection to nature and spirit.  Over the years have studied with many teachers on different paths finding truth in all of them.  As a Druid, I have gained the tools to weave it all together, to deepen my connection with all beings including myself, and allow my magical child to be joyfully authentic through laughter, song and play.  



Ovate Grade 


Mark Adams has been involved with the Druid mysteries since he first joined Ivan and Fearn for a shamanic healing training before GMDO was formally birthed. An active Druid since his clan, the Draegons graduated several years ago, he is also an honorary member of the Aspen Clan with whom he pilgrimaged to England. Mark brings his love for the old country, where he grew up, as well as his commitment to working with the sacred masculine, to his teaching.

Steve Gerard is a graduate Druid of the Orion Clan and a tree steward.His career has been as a psychologist and teacher and he is now President of a local Habitat for Humanity Chapter. His Bardic passion is story-telling.  He is also a wood carver and Vermont Ogham researcher.
Carolyn Hooper is a Restorative Wellness coach, ecologist, and educator who is passionate about helping people restore their relationship with the Earth. She is a graduate of the Green Mountain Druid School (Aspen Clan), and a current apprentice in the House of Brigh Faery Seership tradition. A frequent speaker and
workshop presenter, Carolyn teaches on such topics as connecting with nature for health and wellbeing, moving through grief, and environmental activism. She recently launched her program, Walking Your Earth-wise Path, to help participants develop active techniques and lifestyle practices which promote the reciprocal wellbeing of themselves and the planet, and bring the sacred into everyday life.
Carolyn is a member of the GMDO Leadership Council and serves on the Upper Valley Sierra Club Executive Committee. She creates and holds sacred space as an End of Life Doula, facilitates sacred circle dance, rites of passage, and ceremony, and loves working with the Spirit of the Land to create sacred garden spaces. Carolyn
lives with her sons, her dog, her gardens, and her sacred grove in Wilder, Vermont.

Druid Grade   

Mary Kay Kasper works with the intellectually disabled, is a Pagan Spiritual Counselor, dream practitioner, rites of passage guide, ceremonial leader, instructor for the Green Mountain Druid Order, and writer. She has her Masters in Counseling and an advanced CAS degree in Ecopsychology. She holds licenses as a Maine Recreational Guide and pagan clergy. She has been trained through the Green Mountain Druid School, Maine Druid College, and currently is a student of OBOD    

She has worked with the land and her dreams for over 25 years, facilitated dream groups and instructed college courses on Leadership and Ecopsychology. Her article “Dreaming Back to the Earth” was published last year in Depth Psychology’s on line scholarly journal ‘Depth Insights’. She is co-host with Katrina Dreamer the podcast “Dreaming Back to the Earth” found on SoundCloud. Her passion lies in facilitating deep inquiry into the mysteries of the dream’s guidance as a gateway to our soul-rooted relationship to self and earth.