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 About Fearn

Fearn and Orb

Fearn and Orb

Fearn Lickfield

is teacher, administrator, writer and
director of the Green Mountain Druid Training and Order. A skilled facilitator, educator, and Guardian of the Sacred Earth, she is committed to healing the earth one person and place at a time.  She weaves her magic thru ceremony, community, ecstatic dance, gardens, flower essences, geomancy, and LOVE.






Fearn’s passions and services:

  • Co-creator of Guardians of the Sacred Earth; a 7 month Immersion in Spiritual Stewardry and Earth Healing.
  • Custom essences blends for healing people and place.
  • Geomancy Consults for home and land clearing, balancing and healing.
  • Priestess for Gaia; offering ceremony for Rites of Passage, Seasonal Festivals and Earth Healing
  • Mentor thru Girls and Boys First Mentoring
  • Community organizer – Council of all Beings, 350.org, and Transition Town
  • Co leader of Ecstatic Dances with Ivan
  • Organic veg and herb farmer/gardener/homesteader
  • Presenter at American Society of Dowsers annual convention, Women’s Herbal Conference, Healing with Flowers, Wisdom of the Herbs School, and the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism.

    Fearn in the Groove

    Fearn in the Groove

Fearn’s training:

  • Yoga Teacher Training- Yoga Works in Santa Monica, CA.
  • Herbalism levels 1 and 2 with Deb Soule, and additional training with Kate Gilday
  • Flower Essence Practitioner certified thru Delta Gardens
  • Shadow Healing/Sorceress Training with Steve Kushner
  • Dowsing- basic and advanced with the ASD
  • Geomancer- apprenticed two years with Dr. Patrick MacManaway
  • Trained as a Facilitator with Woman Within International- (women’s empowerment weekends) and with Joseph DiCenso (Shadow Work and NVC facilitation)
  • NVC study groups
  • Shamanic Healing- apprenticed with master core shaman Susan Grimaldi
  • One year training in Witchcraft
  • 3 years, plus ongoing on the job GMDO Druid Training

For more on Fearn and her offerings go to www.fearnessence@blogspot.com


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