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March 23rd; 3-8pm


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Dreamland; home of the Green Mountain School of Druidry….

Stones in Snow

Imagine a serpentine dirt road winding a mile into the forest. It leads you to an opening. As you enter the gates to this place, you see a pond, an open hillside pitched with colorful tents, and a round house at the top. You climb the winding track to the top of the clearing and find yourself on a level area with a breathtaking view to the south east, a fire circle surrounded by majestic standing stones, a large yurt, a big apple tree bedecked with altar and offerings, flower, vegetable and herb gardens, and a lily pond full of singing frogs. You sense a presence here. A potency and aliveness. It is both soothing and exciting… Welcome to Dreamland!
 It is the home of Fearn, Ivan’s spirit, Brinx the dog, Gryphon the cat, the Green Mountain School of Druidry and many other wild creatures and magical beings.

Dreamland is more than just a venue for the Green Mountain Druid Training, She is our greatest teacher and our community heart center. Many remark on the peace, potency and transformational quality of the land here. It is very alive and continues to gain energy through our good work, play and ceremony.

The name that we have affectionately given to our home and teaching center came to us when the idea of living and working here was just a dream. Now our dream has come true! Through an amazing sequence of magic and acts of manifestation we are now the legal “owners” of this awesome 70 acres of forest, brooks, pond, and field. To learn the whole story of how we manifested our home see Working with the Spirit of the Land to Manifest Our Dreams in the blog section of this website. We are deeply blessed by this gift of good land.

Land “ownership” is not a paradigm to which we ascribe. This land owns us more than we own it! We understand that our short time here is just a blip in the vast cycles of time and the story of this ancient place. For us it is all about relationship, mutual stewardship and commitment. In 2009, we three (Ivan, Dreamland and I) were hand fasted. We had a friend make three rings, each of three colors of gold spiraled into a circle. Two now live in the ears of Ivan and myself. The third was personally delivered during our hand fasting ceremony by a naked Ivan, diving in a somewhat undignified fashion to the bottom of our pond! We made vows to each other and hold those sacred for as long as we live together. Marrying the land is an ancient Celtic tradition, a trinogamy normally reserved for kings. We have adapted this to a threesome; King, Queen and Land

We do our best to walk our talk as Druids by living in a sustainable way. We are off grid and our cordwood home is well insulated, heated with wood from our land and built mostly from local resources. We have a living earthen roof with a beehive, a clay floor, and a home-made hot water heating system bleeding heat off our wood stove, gravity fed water supply, and mostly recycled furniture. We are working toward becoming more self-sufficient by growing and storing more food and medicine.

We purchased the land around Samhain of 2006 and began the process of building home and teaching center. First was the two-stall composting outhouse (priorities!), next was the deck and yome (a canvas-covered wooden structure having the characteristics of both yurt and dome), and finally the huge project of building our cordwood home. We now have a 30′ yurt for whenever we need shelter from rain and sun, plus an outside plumbed bathroom unit called the “Lady Bog”. This structure is regularly a magnet for hundreds of ladybugs, and ‘Bog’ is the British word for an outhouse. Men are welcome too!


Verbena Vista, the Druid cottage is now open for guests!  

I am so happy to finally be able to offer a space for our guest teachers, Druid students, as well as friends, family, and anyone who wishes to retreat on sacred land.  

Druid students may reserve the cottage during their scheduled weekends for a discounted rate of $30-50 per night, sliding scale. The cottage sleeps up to 3 depending on how close you want to get!   These bookings go through me directly.  To reserve contact fearnessence@gmail.com

Verbena Vista photos and booking info is on Air BnB  here.


Other projects to come;

  • A lean-to for our interns.
  • replacing my rotting deck
  • a camp kitchen in the Yurt
  • a large shed for storage to replace our degrading hoop garage

Let us know if you would like to help these things manifest! We would not have gotten this far without all of the hands on support and sweat from many of our students and friends.
 Thank you!


Swiftly the dews of the gloaming are falling:

Faintly the bugles of Dreamland are calling.

O hearken, my darling, the elf-flutes are blowing,

The shining-eyed folk from the hillside are flowing,

I’ the moonshine the wild-apple blossoms are snowing,

And louder and louder where the white dews are falling

The far-away bugles of Dreamland are calling.


O what are the bugles of Dreamland calling

There where the dews of the gloaming are falling?

Come away from the weary old world of tears, 

Come away, come away to where one never hears

The slow weary drip of the slow weary years, 

But peace and deep rest till the white dews are falling

And the blithe bugle laughters through Dreamland are calling.


Then bugle for us, where the cool dews are falling,

O bugle for us, wild elf-flutes now calling–

For Heart’s-love and I are too weary to wait

For the dim drowsy whisper that cometh too late,

The dim muffled whisper of blind empty fate–

O the world’s well lost now the dream-dews are falling,

And the bugles of Dreamland about us are calling.

Fiona McLeod

Dreamland Sign