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Vermont Druid Training

Teachings in awareness, earth wisdom,
healing and community.

Sacred Circle of Druids

Sacred Circle of Druids

We cordially invite you to join us and enter a magical gateway into the Heart of Nature, to discover ways of deepening your relationship with the sacred. We at the Green Mountain Druid Order wish to guide our students into true communication with both their inner magical selves, and the spirit of nature, in order that they may build a practical, intimate, hands-on relationship with this wonderful planet upon which we all live. We will petition the God and Goddess to be our guides on a magical journey through our inner and outer landscapes. We will enter this journey as an integrated group, and our playground will be the beautiful and majestic, green, rolling Vermont mountains. We will learn how to develop and express our intuitive, creative and magical powers, and build an intimate, caring relationship with the area of land upon which we live.

Druids in Training

Every spring the GMDO starts a new Druid Training program in Vermont. It covers every aspect of basic Druid knowledge, and is designed to create a good foundation for further specialized development. The Druid Training lasts three years and incorporates initiations into the three Grades of Druidry: the Bard, the Ovate, and the Druid.

As Bards, we access and explore the foundations of Druid magic and liberate the creativity within – whether vocal, musical, artistic, in dance, or in imagination. We learn the principles of healthy communication, and gain confidence in this art by practice. We learn the skills of shamanic journeying and the power to be experienced by exploring our inner landscapes. Our imagination becomes a sacred tool for creating the world we live in – our reality of choice – and we delight in play: individually, and with the other magical children with whom we are traveling.

As Ovates, we journey deep within and discover the secrets of Druid magic, divination, and healing (“Doctor – heal thyself”). We learn the skills of the Hunter, finding and trapping the extra energy we need to transform ourselves. We get to know the Spiritual Warrior and embody his/her qualities in our lives. This second year comprises a series of initiations leading from one empowered state to another, experienced through the entire being, not just the intellect. This is the Grade where we identify and then confront different challenges in our lives, breaking through fear and inertia into a healthy unfolding of our destiny. Ovates learn to perform miracles…

Druids interface between the spiritual and physical worlds, practice the arts they have learned, and manifest the sacred on Earth. Having

Merging with the Trees

Merging with the Trees

learned to perform the impossible (walking on fire), we now integrate our new powers into our everyday lives. We become increasingly aware, learn how to embody our new wisdom, and practice sharing it with others. We become teachers, healers, officiate at rites of passage for our communities, and become active in becoming channels for the sacred. We become role models for the younger members of our communities, helping to resolve conflict and upholding the preservation of justice. Our lives become impregnated with the sacred, and are ready at any time to be of service to others. An empowered and practicing Druid is called a Caretaker of the Earth.

The training encourages our magical children to come out and play, into a reality where dreams come true and trees and rocks speak. Students will be taught how to develop their intuitive and divine natures so that a magical experience of the world can be switched on or off at will. We believe the conventional view of the world is merely the tip of the iceberg, and that the only limitation to reality is our imagination, which can be expanded infinitely.

One of the greatest causes for the unhappiness in the world today is humans’ inability to communicate healthily with one another. A cornerstone of the Druid training is the vital and essential skill of Sharing. Every weekend we allot at least one training session that is dedicated to developing effective communication skills. This is a fantastic skill for exploring our truth, and it reveals our real, authentic selves, as long as we remember to keep our hearts open. With practice our shadows dissolve in the light of day, and we see others for who they truly are. Finally we learn to drop our guards, relax, and have fun!

Taking responsibility is a cornerstone of the training, for Druids need to be capable of working with power. The Spiritual Warrior is an archetype we explore and meet often in the training and our intent is to eventually integrate his/her qualities into our everyday lives. We believe that any training is worthless unless it bears fruit on the physical plane. Our training is designed to ground students into the realities of life on earth, teaching them the skills to manifest a healthy, happy and abundant life. We have created out training to instill awareness, confidence, knowledge of nature, and the expertise that is necessary to manifest good quality employment and social skills.

At the completion of their third year’s training, the Druid class travels to the U.K., visiting important sacred sites and meeting wise and powerful people on their journey. Finally they perform their graduation ceremony inside the magical temple of Stonehenge. The GMDO encourages graduates to become long-term, active members of their spiritual community, meeting regularly in sacred Groves, where we can weave good, healing, caring webs of magic and transformation.

Druidry is transformational, not purely intellectual. It is real and magical; those who practice Druidry transform themselves, and their lives, at their own speed and according to their highest dreams. When we develop ourselves, walking our talk and living by our principles, we grow and heal ourselves; as we heal, we heal the world and all beings living on Her.



We meet one weekend every month over a period of nine months, starting in March. Our weekends begin at 5-6 pm on Friday and last until 4-5 pm on Sunday. Students camp out in tents or in their cars; there is inside space in case of extreme weather.

There are no formal weekend sessions during December, January and February, and during this time students choose projects to accomplish at home. There will be, however, various group activities over this winter period, which will give us a chance to spend time together in sacred, fun pursuits.

At the end of July we spend an extended period together on the land, from Tuesday until Sunday. Kids, family members and Home Study students are welcome for the entire period, and guests from the Tuesday until Friday evening. Everyone needs to book his or her stay in advance, in order that we may know how many people will be present at any one time. During the camp we will all enjoy the realities of Druid Community, learning to work, play, dream, eat and sleep together in the beautiful Vermont hills.

We encourage our students to remain in contact with each other after the completion of the formal training. At present we are witnessing the formation of a new, spiritual community as our successive graduates form a new Grove of Druids in Vermont. We are all aware that the times of great change are already among us and the time of the lone wolf is over: the way forward now is through community and mutual support. Our prayer is that we will all recognize the skills and wisdom we have as a group, and pool it in order to create a strong and healthy organism that will thrive in the days ahead.

Blessed Be!