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The GMDO Home Study Course

A comprehensive Training in Druidry by correspondence


Our Home Study Course is currently undergoing a shape shifting due to the increased demand created by the publication of Ivan’s book.  We are excited to be developing and soon launching a new format for this program.  Please stay tuned for more details!  In the meantime sign up for the first chapter for free.  You will be updated by email about the new and improved Home Study Course.  Thank you! 

Interested in a sample chapter?  Get the first chapter free of charge here.

Ancient Yew Gateway

Ancient Yew Gateway

Learn Druidry at your own pace in your own space.

The Green Mountain Druid Order (GMDO) is a modern-day Mystery School based in Worcester, Central Vermont, and teaches ongoing classes of students. As the GMDO’s reputation grows, so does the demand for their training by those who live further away, and who cannot make the time commitment required for the Vermont training. The GMDO Home Study Course was created to meet these needs.

The curriculum follows the three grades, or levels of Druidry: the first is that of the Bard, the second is the Ovate and the third and final is the Druid. The course is designed so that the student can study at his or own speed. As soon as each Grade is completed, students will need to write a Review about their experiences, growth and insights through their studies. This will be sent to Ivan and Fearn who will read it and assess whether the student has completed the grade sufficiently to graduate to the next. What we are looking for is whether the student has grasped the basic concepts, has maintained a daily spiritual practice, has done most of the exercises, ceremonies and readings for each grade, and has begun to integrate these into his daily life. If we consider that more is needed to graduate, we (with the support of their mentor) will help guide that process for the student.

Successful 3rd year graduates will receive a certificate acknowledging the completion of their training. At that point they will become official graduate Druids of the Green Mountain School of Druidry, and full graduate members of the GMDO. At the completion of their course, Home Study students have the opportunity to graduate in true Druidic style by journeying to the UK for 10 days to make pilgrimage to some ancient sacred sites, culminating in a ceremony of union with Gaia, inside Stonehenge!

Be very clear – Druidry, and our training, is designed to become a living, breathing way of life, and will transform its practitioners through a steady series of initiations (and extracurricular challenges provided by life itself), into the person of their dreams. The empowered graduate will, after the training, have acquired the tools to create a conscious, clear and powerful life, and all he or she needs to do is to integrate the lessons into her everyday reality. A Druid’s training never really stops, or becomes complete. There is only one main issue: how far will he or she journey on the Path?

Bluebell Forest

Bluebell Forest


Training Grove

A group of Druids is called a ‘Grove’ (a Grove is, literally, a sacred circle of trees). A ‘Training Grove’ is a group of people studying Druidry together. A Training Grove becomes a Grove when there are at least two graduate Druids as part of the circle. Knowing we are a part of something larger than ourselves is a basic human need. We strongly encourage community-based groups to start the training together and continue as a Training Grove.

Rainbow Waterfall

Rainbow Waterfall

The exercises and ceremonies given in the Home Study Course can be adapted for either group or solitary work. It is a huge gift to have the support of a group of peers that gathers periodically to practice ceremony, group exercises and sharing circles. When doing magical workings, the power of a group is usually much greater than the sum of the parts. The potential for deep healing, transformation and manifestation is multiplied exponentially.

Another benefit is that we learn and receive so much from our fellow Druids: communication, conflict resolution, cooperation, listening, reflection, shadow projection, story telling, decision making, leadership, compassion, spiritual family, laughter, great potlucks, circle dynamics… just to name a few. It isn’t always easy but it is usually well worth the effort! We will send instructions about the running of a Training Grove to any potential community, or group, wanting to study Druidry together. Some matters we feel are essential protocol for the running of a Grove, and there are other things that will be up to the individual members of the group to decide.


I want to give you an update on our progress with the reformatting and fine tuning of this extensive course.  Due to a very full and expansive spring and summer, we have had to push back the estimated launch timing of this course a bit, but fear not! Our editor friend Jill Steinberg is progressing well through the chapters and is now about 2/3 thru the Bardic Manual.  At this rate we expect the manual to be ready to order by year’s end.  Just in time for Yule gift giving!  

There are the three different ways you can choose to engage with the home study training, depending on your financial and time needs:

Option 1)  You purchase our extensive Bardic course manual with audio guided journeys for your solitary, self paced study.  $200

Option 2) You register for our online Training Grove.  This includes the course manual, journey series, PLUS 12 monthly scheduled online classes.  These will be guided by trained Green Mountain Druids and will include live ceremony, exercises, discussion, and Q & A time.  Students and teachers can also engage with the material throughout the month via a private Facebook group.  This option provides accountability, support, community and encouragement.  This option also sets a reasonable pace to keep all moving forward together.  Students must submit a review at the completion of each grade.  Staff will offer guidance and feedback and once all the required work is completed, certification. $600

Option 3)  Those who choose Option 1 may also apply to enter the Review and Certification process with the support of a Green Mountain Druid staff member for a small fee.  200 +75= $275

If more than one person/partner from a given household is signing up, the second registrant gets the course for half price.

Please, only one paying student per home study course!


EITHER Pay by check, making the check out to GMSD, or pay by PayPal on the left sidebar of this  website.