Land Apprenticeship

Communing with the Land

A six-month apprenticeship at Dreamland
Wednesdays 9am- 4pm
May 8- Oct 8

We will explore, learn, and practice a rich bundle of tools, techniques and teachings to help you connect more deeply with the land, the spirits of Nature, to build fertility, vitality, connection and gain skills in sustaining yourself with home grown food and medicines.  

We will start each day with spiritual practices to connect with the land and green world.

We will go to the wonderful Worcester Community Lunch for a mid day meal break.

Teachings will be interspersed with hands on learning and work.

Work will include bed prep, seeding, weeding, harvesting, watering, weed whacking, mulching, composting, sacred space creation, and other landscaping projects.


Topics may include:

Prayer, meditation, poetry

Spiritual embodiment

Journey work


Flower essences


Earth Energies

Nature Spirits

Organic gardening practices

Seed saving

Plant ID

Herbal Medicine making

Gardening by the moon


Earth Healing

Seasonal Celebrations

Elemental magic

“The Gardener” by Lizzie Riches


We ask that apprentices are present for at least 3 days per month. 

This is a traditional apprenticeship.  No money exchanged. 

Just labor for learning!

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