The Green Mountain Druid Order

Earth Mystery School and Spiritual Community

Welcome! Whether you are seeking or already on the path,  you will find inspiration, information and connection regarding the ancient and evolving path of Druidry including details about our trainings, dances, events, services, workshops and Order.

Druidry is an ancient spiritual tradition of the Celtic lands which now touches countless people around the world, inclusive of all genders, races, religions and cultures. We are practitioners of an ancient system of knowledge which is designed to open our hearts and minds to the beauty and magic of Nature.

While Druidry as taught and practiced by the Green Mountain Druid School is an inspired reconstruction of Celtic spiritual tradition, we also incorporate certain aspects of other spiritual traditions with all due respects.  Celts and Druids have a history of migration, adaptation, invasion, borrowing and stealing. There is no pure celtic blood line or unadulterated Druid tradition that exists today. As modern Druids we aspire to practice, share and co-create the best of what we have been, what we are and what are becoming together with all of life.  We welcome everyone equally who may wish to explore the Druid path. We will not tolerate racism and/or discrimination in any form.

The GMDO has a precious gift to give. We guide our students to align with the Earth and the Cosmos, build deep relationship with the Sacred, and create the conditions for an empowerment that only comes from daring to ride the dragon… and then grounding and integrating our experiences in our everyday lives.

Why now? We are now at a pivotal point in the evolution of the human species, and, indeed, for the entire planet. It is an incredibly exciting time to be alive, with awesome changes happening all around us. The earth changes that have already begun can feel very scary, especially if we are disconnected from community, from the Earth, and from Spirit. Humanity is changing as well, for we are One with the Earth. Many are feeling the call to join in circles with others of like mind and heart; to learn, grow, support and share as our ancestors have in generations past. The time of the lone wolf is over.

It is time we take responsibility for our part in the destruction of our Great Mother Earth and change our ways: remembering how to live as an integral part of Her, rather than on, and separate from Her.

This, in essence, is the training we at the Green Mountain Druid Order offer, and we are now reaching out to inspire people around the world who are open, and ready to study with us here in this sacred land or in your own home. It is time to take our places, in the evolution of our wonderful planet Gaia, as empowered Guardians of the Earth.