Welcome to

Dreamland Sanctuary and

the Green Mountain Druid School!


Dreamland Sanctuary is a center for eco-spiritual education and community celebration; co-creating with life for the restoration of the Earth and ourselves.

We are blessed to work with this sacred land of just under 70 acres on the side of Dumpling Hill in the Winooski watershed which is part of the unceded territory of the Western Abenaki.  Dreamland is home to Fearn Lickfield, Gryphon the cat, Jebadiah the dog, and diverse Nature beings, seen and unseen.

As a 501C3 non profit, we are dedicated to the stewardship of this land

  • as a sanctuary for our spiritual community who learn, grow and heal here,
  • for our non human relations; the plants, trees, creatures of water, earth and air
  • co-creating and maintaining 3 magical earth temples, diverse meadows, a delightful swimming pond, and many acres of forest and trails.

Our potent earth temples; including a full sized stone circle, a 7 circuit labyrinth, and a magickal faery well in the forest…  These spaces are tapped into the great web of earth energies; each with its own unique power and potential for ceremony, contemplation, communion and reciprocity.

Our rustic facilities include a spacious 30′ yurt with kitchen, a tiny guest house and a sweet outdoor canopy classroom perched on the edge of the forest by a running stream.

The spirit of Dreamland is the foundation, intelligence, the cauldron, catalyst and co-creator of transformation, education, remembrance, and magic for all who live, work, visit and train here. 

Together we are seeding a web of sacred sites where we awaken, restore and tend our relationship with the living Earth.

Events and Programs:

Dreamland Sanctuary hosts a variety of  events through the year.

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We host regular Ecstatic Dances, Community Days, seasonal ceremonies, and wonderful workshops that help you connect more deeply with Nature.

And, the core program we hold is

The Green Mountain Druid School

This is an exciting time for the GMDS, who is going into her 19th year with a whole new shape and vision

which will combine the best of our in-person and web based connection and learning.

Our new training begins in March!  For more info go here.


Finally, the Green Mountain Druid Order is the human community made up of students and graduates of the GMDS.  And what an amazing bunch of activated empowered caring humans they are.  Some become guests, staff and employees of GMDS, or board members of Dreamland Sanctuary.

Symbiosis, reciprocity, and love bind these dynamic entities to each other in an ever evolving dance.