Assumption of the God/dess Form

The Morrigan
The Morrigan

At the Center

When there is no doubt, and we feel calm certainty,

We stand at the Center, and the Dream’s reality

We’ve found our way, in perfect joy and harmony.

Creation flows through us: we’re alive,

And the Divine Ones now walk upon the Land.

Children laughing, running free,

Winged serpent of my Dreams, I can be…

~ Ivan McBeth ~

(Excerpt from the Directions Song)

Last weekend Dreamland was blessed by a number of gods and goddesses who came to Earth for a few hours, channeled by our 3rd year Druids. The attached photo of the Morrigan was one of these. The Druids were magnificent, scared, excited, hearts huge and beating hard, as they prepared for the moment. In fact, they have been preparing the entire three years of their training, and we, their teachers, made sure that their lessons and challenges unfolded in front of them in such a way that could not be avoided or ignored. Our efforts were both loved and hated as Fearn and I bullied, persuaded, encouraged and threatened them along their sometimes erratic paths…

Last weekend everyone finally realized the benefits of determined, disciplined training as the Divine Ones emerged and walked among us here on the Earth. We humans are all bridges connecting Earth and Heaven, the Mundane and the Sacred, Below and the Above… this is a wonderful expression, but how many of us actually real-ize it? How many of us actively feel the movement of the Divine Ones inside of ourselves, and radiate their Presence?

Channeling Divinity is not a one-off event. Once the channels are opening, and we grow in confidence and personal power, the Gods and Goddesses will increasingly want to use us as portals do their business on Earth. This is one of the roles of Druids as they go about their daily lives. There is so much to do! After the Sacred flows through a Druid, he or she begins their real work on Earth and her destiny unfolds. How exciting! How awesome!

Assuming (Embodying, or Becoming) the Presence of the God/dess is the major training process of the Druid Grade (3rd year) presented by the Green Mountain School of Druidry. This practice is no less that identifying, developing and manifesting our own inherent divinity onto the Earth plane. It requires purifying and activating our energy bodies from Root to Crown, creating sufficiently energetic and inviting channels for the God and/or Goddess to want to emerge and inhabit us. This is one of the goals of the Druid: to bring the Sacred to Earth in order to midwife the birth of divine, magical children into existence. There is such a great need for them at this present moment in the world’s evolution!

Many congratulations to those who made the effort, and the sacrifices, to birth the Sacred on Earth. We are all blessed by your dreams, and your determination.

Blessed be!