It’s time to change. Now!


It’s time to change. Now!

Change is often thrust upon us and if we resist, it can be very unpleasant. Ow! I want it to always stay the same… I cannot even contemplate doing without what is familiar… but… we are bonded… I can’t let her/him/it go… I simply can’t go on… Woe is me! Aaaaaarrrggggghhhhhh! Why am I so unlucky? God/dess hates me… I am devastated!

Joseph Campbell once said,
“We must be willing
To get rid of the life we’ve planned,
So as to have the life
That is waiting for us.”

How is it possible to complain, and not like the reality of the moment? The life that is being gifted to us, in this moment by the Creator, who or whatever he, she or it is? We must be ready to surf the reality of the instant with every ounce of energy we possess, with all the love and gratitude we can muster… or we lose the awesome magic of the present moment, and drop out of life.

We are all at One with the cycles of nature… the seasons unfold, as they do, when they do… and we had better be ready to surf the spiral when it wants to spiral… or, again, we lose the awesome magic of the present moment and drop out of life. How can we wish it were summer when it is winter? Or spring when it is Fall? We grow and transform through childhood, through teenage, through adulthood into old age… and beyond… it is insane to wish we were young when we are old, or a child again when we are adults…

Please don’t waste this one and precious life! It is possible we may have countless incarnations to enjoy, with plenty of time to play with… or this may be our one and only opportunity to truly, creatively live! Are you going to gamble that you possess unlimited time… are you willing to take the risk of frittering away the one and only chance to live that you will ever have?

This takes us to the pic. My old trust car recently died, the car I had ever since first arriving in the USA. There was a short time of transition, of grief… then I turned to face what was approaching me, rather than being miserable about what was leaving me. Then the universe rearranged itself! This new/old car entered my life. The Druidmobile has arrived! My new automotive destiny unfolds, and I welcome it unconditionally! Yey!