Angel CloudAngel

Power belongs to those that use it

This afternoon I was sitting on the long drop having a crap when I heard, quite clearly, a small voice speaking to me. It spoke in words, clearly, inside my head, and was definitely not ‘me’. It said, quite simply, “It is time to cut your fingernails.” I agreed with it, and replied, “Yes. I will. Thank you.”

It was referring to my habit of washing myself whenever I use the bathroom. If my nails are too long, I scratch myself and this can be very painful.

I suddenly realized I was taking part in a conversation I normally was not conscious of. I understood that this little voice spoke with me from time to time, yet our relationship hadn’t really developed very much, or, at least, as much as it probably could potentially. I wondered if it was my intuition.

I asked it, “Are you my intuition?”

It replied, simply, “Yes.”

No big deal, no bells and whistles… only, “Yes.”

I wondered if I was experiencing a huge portal into a new universe, or a flatulent aberration. I have been attempting to develop my intuition for many years. In fact, an important focus of the Druid Training is to quieten the mind in order to experience Spirit and encourage the intuition to manifest. Then, I remembered that Carlos Castaneda, one of my heroes, wrote that the intent of a spiritual warrior in his shamanic (Toltec) tradition is to open the third eye, which he called the art of ‘Seeing’, spelt with a capital ‘S’. In his experience, ‘Seeing’ involved a voice that spoke the truth to the apprentice warrior. So many connections started to tumble into place!

I asked this disembodied presence how I could get to know it better.

It replied, “Act on the guidance I give, and our relationship will develop.”

YES! That made so much sense. In my interactions with the little voice, I sensed that it cared deeply for me, yet it had to wait for my response before it could act. I suddenly wanted to access and invite it deeper into my life. I promised it I would act on its direction from now on. That felt good, yet a little scary.

When I returned to the house, I forgot what had happened and didn’t act on the guidance it had given me… until I remembered half an hour later and related my experience to Fearn. As I told the story, I determined to cut my nails immediately… and then I forgot again. It was only when I was leaving the house to go into town that I remembered yet again, and, despite the inconvenience of having to walk back to the house and finding my nail clippers in the dark… I did it.

It was then that I realized that the word ‘intuition’ is very impersonal and scientific. I felt that there was another term I could, and should use, to convey more accurately the energy of this newly-recognized ally in my life. In a flash it came to me… it is my angel!

Blessed Be.