The Oaks are Coming!


Ancient Angel Oak
Ancient Angel Oak

I have just returned to Dreamland after a long walk. The wind was howling through the telephone wires, pushing and pulling the trees, making them bend and flex like arboreal gymnasts. Mischievous gusts plucked tired leaves from their dancing hosts, sending them whirling and twirling through the tempestuous air like ecstatic confetti. Very atmospheric… exciting, exhilarating. As I walked along the familiar trail, my heart singing, I suddenly stopped, mouth hanging open… in front of me there was a young oak tree, maybe 3 foot high!

A little background… When Fearn and I first came to Dreamland, we felt the absence of oak trees, which are special and dearly beloved by Druids. We searched the area for oaks, and didn’t find any. During our first year at Dreamland, we planted an oak with our students and we have been watching it grow – very slowly – with great anticipation. We were surprised when two other oaks self-seeded on our land about three years later, and we also discovered another, a hundred yards down the road. We felt that the oak energy was coming to our area and we gave thanks.

Today they revealed themselves to me, and the extent of their surreptitious sylvan invasion. In half a mile or so, I counted 22 oak trees. There were three saplings taller than myself, but most were 3 or 4 feet tall. Therefore, most had arrived in the area since the Druid School was founded… That feels awesome. There’s a connection there somewhere…

My favorite tree is a hollow oak that stands serenely in a bluebell wood about a hundred feet from a past home of mine, a wigwam I made myself, in a beautiful forested estate in England. I don’t live there any more and the wigwam has gone, but my friends remain. This beautiful oak tree was ancient and huge enough to allow four people to sit cross-legged inside of it. It was my special friend and a warrior tree: it told me that, wherever I was, and if in danger, I could imagine myself enveloped by its rugged gnarled trunk and nothing would ever penetrate to harm me.

I have climbed oaks on the full moon to watch the stags in their rut; I have leaned back against oaks and have breathed with them. I have merged with oaks to become a fierce dragon to protect my kith and kin; oaks have kept me warm through icy winters. Oaks have become secret doorways that have guided me to into the magical sanctuaries of Nature; they have sheltered gods and goddesses of the Wildways with whom I have danced into ecstasy. Oaks have sheltered me from harm in times of danger; my inner oak spirit has attracted the lightning bolts that have helped me break through the armor that shields most people from the Truth. Oak has called me to the sacred center of the magical forest of Albion where the All-Heal grows; I have harvested the sacred mistletoe and have made the medicine with which the souls of the people and the Land may be healed.

Oak has shared with me many secrets. He has midwifed my inner Druid and my spiritual warrior who walk hand in hand with my Heart under the velvet emerald boughs of the sacred forest on my unique adventure through life. My heart brims over because of the wonderful destiny I have been gifted, and the magical friends I have met and got to know on the way. That includes you, oak, dragon, family and community. I am so happy to share it with you.

Oak, you are arriving into this area fast and silently. I hope you find a good home here where you and your community will flourish. I won’t see you mature in my physical body but no matter. I am here, you are here, and we are all together.

Blessed Be.