An Imbolc Night’s Dream

Young Shiva
Young Shiva

Yesterday (January 31st) I asked Fearn to bring my statue of Shiva to me at the hospital in order to make an altar in my room. I placed a lovely green crystal, a gift from a good friend, in front of it.

After falling asleep, I had a wonderful dream. I was in a small room when a beautiful man entered. He had brown skin, had curly black hair and was wearing white western clothes. He walked up to me and, without uttering a word, bathed me in his awesome energy. He was not theatrical or effusive: he stood relaxed and smiled gently. His dark eyes were deep – very deep and compassionate. I could tell that he had come purely for me and I felt the power of his one-pointed attention. All I could do was to look into his loving eyes and receive his blessing.

I felt that I was in the presence of a God. My spine was straight, my body felt extremely alive and for that short while I was whole. My mind was still and peaceful, I knew, in that moment, that I had attained my full potential and that I needn’t strive or struggle any more. I felt fully alive and had arrived at the place I had always dreamed of on my long spiritual journey. I was nothing, and everything. I had arrived home.

I’m not sure how long this lasted, but it was timeless. At some point I felt that my visitation was coming to an end, and so I thanked my guest from the bottom of my heart. In amazement I heard him say to me that the blessing I experienced from him I already had inside myself, and that this energy was what I had to learn to give to others.

I awoke to a nurse preparing to check my vital signs. Still deeply affected by my experience, I told her I had just met an angel.

She replied without missing a beat, “You know, you are the most Zen patient I’ve ever had!”

Bright Imbolc blessings to you!