Green Mountain Druid Training 2015


We at the Green Mountain Druid Training are preparing ourselves for the new class of 2015. We are confident and enthusiastic about what we have to offer: from the results we have been achieving since we started the training, we know it works. We feel we have reached a good balance between intellectual teaching, and practical experience. It is important for students to understand each subject – the what’s, how’s and why’s – and then actually physically manifesting each process or project.

This year we are combining the 3 grades, which results in a much more complicated syllabus yet an increased community spirit. Students of all grades will meet and interact with each other, all the time maintaining the essence of each grade and preserving its secrecy. This is because the essential nature of each grade – and life itself – is a Mystery. Mystery is an essential ingredient in the creation of Sacred Space and Druids treat it with great respect and reverence. This is an important consideration in working together with different grades of Druidry – in fact with everyone we meet. Logic and explanations are children of the rational mind that ‘explains away’ magic. Mystery is the vehicle of Spirit and brings wonder, and awe, to people with opened hearts.

We are proud of what the Druid Training has become. It has evolved constantly from its modest beginnings on Fred Cheyette’s land in Orange in 2006. We have improved it, balanced it, tried out various things, removed subjects that were not needed, and refined it to make it more efficient, simpler, yet increasingly powerful. It is more fun, creative, and challenging. We as teachers are often Mr. Nice Guy, but are sometimes active agents of challenge and confrontation, if we feel this approach is needed.

The training works. Some parts of it are thousands-of-years old and tried and tested, some parts of it are spontaneous and dynamic. I will repeat: the training works. The only real consideration is the commitment each student brings to the training. Are you ready to surrender to your teachers and life itself, and go all of the way? Or are you still going to consider yourself immortal, leaving the work you need to do on yourself until tomorrow, manyana? Or are you going to continue to resist your studies and your teachers, reacting against authority and stamping your feet on the ground? You are put on notice: there is no more time to waste. Actually… there is no more time.

I believe that time is speeding up and that we don’t have the luxury of infinite time any more. We at the Green Mountain Druid Training have the keys to the magical doorway that will open for you if you wish it to. This needs courage, trust, surrender and unbending determination on your part. Whatever you bring to the training we will match and we will run with you to the place of your wildest dreams… But we can only point the way and give you the keys. We cannot carry you to your goal. This you must do yourself, and manifest your heart’s desire onto this wonderful planet.

Together we can create a just, verdant, happy, healthy and loving world. This is the intent of the Druid Community. Please consider joining us, making your dreams come true through your own efforts, and re-membering this world as the paradise it always has been.