Valentine’s Dance 2015

Red Rose
Red Rose

Last night we rocked the center of Montpelier! Over 50 people came to Christchurch, dressed in outrageous costumes and ready to bounce off the walls, in honor of Love. Katrina led a powerful cacao ceremony to start with, warming our hearts and bellies with the sacred Mayan drink – Yum!

Fearn organized the dance with her usual flair, Ivan created musical magic with his Love mix, Clearwater arranged a beautiful altar, and Suzanne, our Dance ancestor was also there (she originally started the ecstatic dance, and passed it onto Fearn and myself a few years ago).

We danced our hearts out, spinning, swirling, gyrating, smiling, bodies rhythmically pumping, leaping, interacting, touching, honoring.

And then, with prayers, we completed with the Humming Bee exercise, also known as the Cosmic Orgasm. Hooray for us! Hooray for the sacred dance! Hooray for dynamic, loving community!

If ecstatic dance is new for you, come visit us on Friday evenings from 7-9 pm at Christchurch, opposite the Post Office on State Street, Montpelier. No experience is necessary, just a love of good music, a desire to express yourself through movement, and a wish to find your inner joy. It will be awesome fun, and could even change your life!