Leaping into the Void
Leaping into the Void

The time is ticking away, the sand is pouring, the Earth is spinning, our hearts are pumping… a little faster than usual, as we contemplate the challenge in front of us… are we going to face our fears this time, this revolution of the Great Wheel of Fortune, and walk on fire? It’s impossible, of course, we all know that, don’t we? We remember everything our elders and betters have told us about taking no risks, staying safe, keeping our heads down, staying comfortably numb…

Well, my name is Ivan and I sing sparkling songs of scorching serendipity through the seductive, secretive silence of sunset, rolling in the gloaming, disturbing the peace, rattling the cage you have created around yourself, and reminding you that it is your birthright to be free, to experience ecstasy, and to unleash the passion that is truly yours… to awaken and come alive, fully. To do this you need to take risks. Live on the edge. Break through. Look the dragon in the eye… and hitch a lift on his back! Leap onto a passing comet on its journey into the Great Mystery.

Let me seduce you… you don’t actually have to walk on the coals that are burning at 1,200 degrees in front of you… all I ask of you is to take part in the preparations. And when you have stopped at the end of the bed of coals twinkling like the Milky Way in the infinite void, hearing the urgent whispers of the stars, encouraging you to follow your destiny – for you understand now that it is unfurling like an incandescent red/yellow/white carpet in front of you – you have the TOTAL freedom to do, or not. To follow your heart, not your head. To be, or not to be, to walk or not to walk… that is the question.

Whatever your decision, it will be RIGHT and you must back yourself up fully. After all, only a complete fool would risk serious burning… and yet, the spiritual journey depicted by the Tarot states that you can only start your journey in trust and innocence… as the Fool!

I love you and am setting the stage to encourage you to follow your heart, to leap off the cliff, and find your freedom. I am looking forward to dance with you on the edge…

With love, Ivan (the one with the horns).