Dragon News #1

DS-AtmosHear ye! Hear ye! Great Dragon news! Every time Fearn and I travel with a group of graduates to the UK, we visit our friend Ros in Wales. She takes us to a dragon mountain called Mynydd Llangyndeirn (try saying that after a couple of horns of mead) with 360 degree views. It feels like standing on top if the world – a sign that dragons are about! On top of the mountain there is an ancient stone circle, and when we first visited it all the stones had fallen (or had been pushed over) and covered with sod. We tuned into the dragons and asked if there was anything we could do… they replied that we were to re-erect the stones and bring the stone circle back to its former glory.

The first time we were there, we erected three stones in a straight line, trying to erect them in the positions they had originally stood. The second time we returned, we erected two more, making a total of four stones around a central one. That felt very good! We could tell that the dragons were happy!

Today I received an email from Ros. Apparently the National Trust, the government body whose job is to protect and maintain the ancient ‘monuments’ around Britain, have erected a plaque with a picture of the five standing stones of the Mynydd Llangyndeirn stone circle. It has once again been recognized and accepted as an ancient, sacred monument and is under the protection of the government (they probably didn’t notice that it had been trashed a few hundred years ago).

I include here the email from Ros:
Interesting news…I went to Mynydd Llangyndeirn with some folk from Northern Earth Magazine, who included Dewi Bowen, a long time archaeologist and alternative person, friend of John Michell, and participant in the 1976 archeological dig on the mountain. I wondered what he would say about our work on the circle… “It’s looking really good,” he said, after I admitted we had cleared it of grass etc. No mention of there being more uprights than he remembered! Plus, there is a new information plaque up there, on a big block of rock, with an engraved image of the circle, with its upright stones… so they are now accepted as how it should be! Thought you would be pleased to know this, I thought it was excellent news!

So… the stones have been re-erected, the dragons are happy, the surrounding landscape has an increased sparkle, it is legal and official, and the Green Mountain Druids have brought their healing magic to Wales – the land of the Dragon. Awen!