Ecstatic Dance

Schedule: 7-9pm

We are dancing EVERY  OTHER Wednesday at Dreamland Sanctuary (weather permitting)
and EVERY Friday  in Montpelier.
Montpelier location is in flux due to flood.  Please contact us to find out more. 
Ecstatic Dance is held collectively. 

There is a rotation of DJs and helpers to keep things going.  It takes a village!

Get in touch if you want to get involved.

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What: Our dance is a free form boogie in safe sacred space with great music in a supportive community.

We  have been holding ecstatic dances in Vermont since 2008.

Why: We believe it is a privilege and gift to have this opportunity to dance in community each week.  Dance generates powerful energy and is profoundly therapeutic for body and soul, and healing for the world.  At the end of each dance we dedicate this energy in prayer to those who need it most.

We also dedicate the funds from one dance each month to a worthy organization. 

If you would like to suggest or request a benefit dance let us know!


Ivan dances with us regularly in spirit.  Here is his story of finding the dance:

“I studied with Gabrielle in the 1980’s and she taught me to let go of my considerable inhibitions, inspired my inner dancer, and initiated me into the miracle of empowered self-expression. Although she passed in 2012, I have a deeper relationship with her now than I ever had when she was alive, and I feel her presence constantly. What a gift, what an opportunity she left us during her awesome life! Thank you, Gabrielle!

In order to fully surrender and dance ecstatically, I need music that bypasses my brain and thought processes, gently inspiring and leading my body into a state of pure dance. In this state my body leads me, and expresses my joy at being alive in a spontaneous expression of the moment. It is important that the music has enough power to ignite my body, and give me the energy to surrender to the sounds and rhythms. Knowing what I need for my own delight, I take extreme pleasure in creating the optimum conditions for inspiring and intoxicating other willing bodies into spontaneous dances of joy and self-expression.”

A typical session is as follows:

7 pm: Gather, warm up and stretch

7.20 pm: Opening circle

7.30 pm: Start of Wave

8.50 pm: Closing Circle

We look forward to dancing with you!

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