Ecstatic Dance Community Ground Rules


We acknowledge that safety is at least partly subjective and each person has different needs. We agree to practice the following ground rules to create the best possible environment for dance in our community.


  • Awareness of my impact on others- sound, touch, proximity, taking up space (ie,contact improv)
  • Tolerance of difference/ Welcoming all!
  • Intent to harm none- physical, emotional, verbal
  • I will contact others only with permission. Including holding hands in closing circle.
  • If not moving, I will use a soft gaze upon the dancers, witnessing rather than watching- My intent is to be move and be with me as much as possible.
  • Sobriety- no alcohol or drugs before or during
  • No street or hard soled shoes on dance floor
  • A non judgement space to show up authentically and compassionately with whatever is present in myself and others; emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally.
  • No heavy perfumes
  • No talking on dance floor after opening circle
  • Please try to arrive by 7:20pm

Thank you so much for contributing to this community generated list and helping us create safe, sacred dance space! 

Politics- I recognize we don’t all agree on politics. I will minimize discussion about this except as needed to explain a monthly charity and to share personal feelings in circle. Dance is one way I serve the world as a Druid. If a person does not want their money to go to a particular org that I have chosen they do not need to contribute. ~ Fearn