Burning Times Healing Ceremony

June 1, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 10:00 pm
233 Downs Rd
sliding scale
Fearn Lickfield

It is now estimated that many thousands of women were burned at the stake during the oppression of feminine power in Europe. Women were tortured, and punished severely for knowing the ways of magic, childbirth, herbs, medicines, and ceremony.
The Burning Times is a period in history that has left a deep and resonant scar. 
Hundreds of years later, we are still feeling it’s effects.
Still to this day many women are afraid to step into their callings and step into the power in fear of being burned. This was a deliberate, and well executed attack on the feminine.
And we are still feeling it’s aftermath.

And for many of us, it is time to heal this.
It is time to go deep inside this collective trauma, together, in sacred space, to look it straight in the eyes.
WE will recreate the fires, we will dive into our soul’s wounding, in a safe, and well held container.
We will FEEL what our souls are crying out, so we can HEAL.

Trauma often shows up in our lives as stuck, and frozen energy. 
Make no mistake, many of us hold this trauma inside of us. Many of us are afraid, and feel frozen in action. And many of us do not want to allow this horror to affect us any longer. 
We want to set it free.

What would it look like if we lived without the fear of being burned again? 
What would it look like if we could move through the freeze, move beyond this blatant trauma?
What would our world look like if the feminine were to rise again?

We are women who are standing at the gate, ready to answer these questions.
We are women who know deep in our souls, that we are the magick women, we are the wise women, we are the ones who have been sacrificed to the fire.
And we are ready to be in our power now, without an old old story holding us back.
We know now, deep in our heart that we are the fire now. We are the fires of change, the fires of transformation, the fires of creation.
It is time for us to rise, as the Pheonixes we are.
To stand in our truths, to stand for Earth Mother, to stand for Justice, to stand of humanity.
We are taking off all the shackles now, healing all the old traumas.
WE are setting our soul’s missions free!
And we are doing it together, as a powerful tool to heal deep wounds.

We will gather on sacred land. We will build a fire, and we will dive deep together into what rages in us, what we are afraid of, and we will transmute it into our passions and our actions.

All genders are welcome.
And it is clear, that anyone that identifies as a woman, will be at the center of this healing. 
Those that identify as a man will be asked to support, witness, and hold our process.

To register: 
Sliding scale is $10-$100
This money will go to use of the space, and to continue this work in other areas across the country.

Please bring one potluck meal to share.
Please bring water for drinking, and camping gear for sleeping if you choose to spend the night. 

It is time women.
It is time to look this monster in the eyes.
This, lurking, subconscious fear based memory that lives in our souls and psyches, and set it free.
It is time to longer be afraid of the fire,
It is time for us to become it.

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