Druid Camp 2021!

September 17, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – September 19, 2021 @ 5:00 pm
233 downs rd
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Druid Camp returns this year, headed up by members of the StoneWeaver Clan, our most recent Druid School graduates.

Friday night Ecstatic Dance in the Dragon Temple

Saturday night Harvest potluck feast and Fall Equinox Ceremony

Morning rituals, sharing circles, labyrinth, sacred land, spiritual community.

Open to all.  You can come for a day, a ceremony or all of it!

See workshop descriptions and bios below! 


COVID precautions:

We encourage all who can to be vaccinated.

If not vaccinated, we ask that you get tested 72 hrs before coming.

We will be outdoors most of Camp, with the exception of our indoor camp kitchen.

Masks are required indoors.

Thank you for doing your part to keep us all safe and healthy!


2021 Druid Camp Schedule

Friday Night

7-9pm- Ecstatic Dance in the Dragon Temple


7am Morning Ritual- Meditation, Dragon Dance

8am Breakfast

9:00  – 10:30 AM-Opening Ritual and sharing circle

11- 12:30pm- Workshop 1 – Henry Austin – The Art of not taking things personally

2-3:30pm-Workshop 2 – Autumn Jenkins – The Mask 

4-5:30pm-Workshop 3 – Henry Austin – A Forest Saunter
6:00 – 9:00 PM- Harvest Potluck Feast & Fall Equinox Ceremony followed by Bardic Eistedfodd!
7am Morning Ritual- Meditation, Dragon Dance
8am Breakfast
9am Sharing Circle
11am – 1pm-Workshop 4 – Hazel/Coll Turrone –  Embodied Explorations of White Supremacy Culture
2 – 3:30pm-Workshop 5 – Hannah Mitchell- Hydrosol Distillation  Class Cancelled.  Instead Fearn will guide a Forest Walk to the Great White Pine where we will connect, listen, and make offerings to this ancient guardian of the land. 
4:00  – 5:00 PM- Closing Ritual

2021 workshops:

The Art of Not Taking It Personally

Have you ever been in the situation where you reacted  in a way you wish you hadn’t.  We all find ourselves at times “triggered” and then thrown into strong emotions by people and circumstances,  In his guide to personal freedom, The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz suggests “that whatever happens around you, don’t take anything personally.” This class presents a method for living that teaching.

After a brief introduction and discussion of the human condition and the false-self system as a conceptual background, the steps of what I call the Welcoming Process will be explored and practiced.

 This method offers us the opportunity to make choices free from our “hooked” emotions and conditioned habits–responding rather than reacting in the present moment.  With consistent practice, the Welcoming Process helps dismantle  the emotional wounds of a lifetime by addressing where they are stored–in the body–contributing to the process of transformation.
A Forest Saunter
Some say Nature is the first Wisdom Book. But how to read it? How to have a relationship? Is it possible that She can be my soulmate?
As the rat in his boat explained to the mole in Wind and the Willow, “I just mess about in the stream and swamp.” In this saunter, we will “mess about” in the womb of Mother Earth.  With gentle invitations of silent action, we will explore some ways of co-creating with the Beings around us.
Come empty. Drop your selves. No journal; no note taking.
Bath your Soul in the shower of Hemlock, Pine and Beach.
Henry Austin, MRP, MEd, is an Earth Elder, Certified Spiritual Guide and Druid. In his early years he studied and taught ecology, environmental planning, organizational development and educational research at several universities. As  a naturalist and early childhood educator he established and taught for 30 years at the Mountain Brook Children’s Center, a nature/science preschool for children 3 through 6.  Henry has lived for the past 17 years in an  off-the-the-grid cabin with his cat in the woods of western Massachusetts.


The Mask

This class will focus on the internal landscape of emotional defense that each of us developed in childhood.  The “mask” reflects one of the primary ways that as children, we learned to cope with the painful challenges of an imperfect environment.  However, as we grew into adulthood, these defenses became problematic and a hindrance to the discovery of our true and authentic selves.

Together, we will gently explore the ways in which our masks protect us while also holding us back.  We will also view the different types of masks that can affect us with a heart of compassion and non-judgment.  The goal will be to begin a journey of conscious awareness of our masks which in turn may lead to a deeper connection with our genuine selves.   In this way, spiritual blocks may be lifted so that we can rely more on our own innate wisdom/creativity and less on the reactive (defensive) mind. This class will be a journey of self discovery.

Rita (Autumn) Jenkins is from Southern CA.  She moved to the East Coast many years ago to be able to experience the beauty of the four seasons.  A long time student of internal healing work, Rita has a master’s degree in Religious Studies and is a graduate of the Pathwork Transformation Program.  Her special interest is the combination of psychology and spirituality.  She recently completed her final year of training in the Green Mountain Druid School.


Hydrosol Distillation with Hannah Mitchell

Together we will use the ancient alchemical method of distillation, view a large copper alembic, and learn the home stove top method to extract the volatile oils of locally grown aromatic plants. We will talk about safety, sustainability, history, harvest, herbal actions and medicinal uses. Plants will be decided

on closer to the date.

Hannah is a Clinical Herbalist based in Montpelier, Vermont. She moved to the Northeast to study a more formalized practice of clinical herbalism at The Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism where she graduated from. She believes that humans have the capacity to heal in all aspects of their lives and puts education and personal empowerment at the center of her work. Hannah focuses on meeting people where they are at and supporting them through the navigation of a wellness plan built through the partnership between practitioner and client. She has a bachelor’s degree in Globalization and History and has traveled throughout five continents learning with and from the people and cultures of this earth. She honors all walks of life and supports the individual processes of all people. She is a grower of food and medicines and is a crafter that works for local artisanal small businesses throughout Vermont.


Embodied Explorations of White Supremacy Culture with Hazel Turrone
Through a gentle ‘calling in’ culture held within co-created shame resilience and curiosity, we will take the next step in our individual journeys toward dismantling racism within our own bodies… together.  Embodied practices, movement and play will be woven within the time together.  Come as you are with all of your curiosities,
 unconsciousness, confusion, eagerness and hesitancy… and anything else…it’s all welcome.
Hazel is a member of the Stone Weaver Clan and a massage therapist and energy healer in Montpelier.  Fueled by curiosity and a deep passion for embodied earth spirituality, they enjoy holding spaces to explore ways to deepen connection individually and communally while disentangling from the patterns of disconnection and systems of oppression that live within our bodies.