Fire, Water and Stones

July 16, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Dreamland in Worcester, VT.
A 3-Hour didactic & experiential session with Orion Foxwood
“Healing is the restoration of well being and as such is the desire for all things,
seen and unseen, human and other.”
An Informative and Experiential introduction to the Use of Stones, Water and Fire in Traditional Folkloric & Contemporary Faery practices
For those who have a deep yearning and enduring commitment to a co-creative restoration of earth and her life forms including humanity. The Good People of faery share this same type of loyalty. The faery healing practices were once an important part of agrarian life throughout northern and western Europe. There are many examples of them that have been well documented. The practices are quite unique to faery tradition and they show deep wisdoms, the power of simple items, and the invisible relationships between physical things. Orion will share information about some of the known healers of the 16, 17 and 18th centuries and specific practices that they use and are still used by folk healers to this day. The Faery Healer was “known by many names: a wise woman (mná feasa), herb doctor, fairy doctor, fairy man, handy man, gentle doctor, cow doctor or quack in traditional Irish society”. They resided. in the country, often “away with the Si” and using simple items in their healings.This workshop is a part of a new series of HOB training and will cover the use of stones, water and fire in old traditional forms. Using these forms links us into an inner lineage of healing work.
Orion and Brigh will share lore, history and techniques including but not limited to the following:
● Historical Images and stories of Faery Healers.
● How these healers received their gifts, were compensated for their service and a description of their styles and personalities.
● Fire as the most untarnishable sacred element and its “compact” with humanity.
● Saining, Hallowing, Turning to curse or Bless.
● Folk names for the fire: the Blessing Fire, the Good Fire, the Fire Father, the “Tan-Tad”
● The mysteries of fire specific to humans and their relationship to the Good People.
● Lighting of the threefold flame, lighting of the “Good Fire” and the “Covet Flame” (which is a very rare practice for calling the power that none can resist) techniques.
● The thrice-given flame to light the hearth against harm.
● Spirit Waters, Lifted /Silvered Water, Ash Water to heal, exorcise (this will include a very rare practice for gathering the “Good Water” which we will do).
● Moon Water for childbirth, grief, etc.
● The Bulaun and the Turning Stone for offering, wishes and wilting/ harming
● The Elf-Dart for harm or help and how to awaken it with boundary stream water.
● The Lightning Stone for power.
● Water from the Sentinel stoners for healing
● The Calban or Elphin stone used by the witches
● The Devil’s toenail stone and its powers,
● Amber and Jet for protection
● The Clach Leigh- the green stone, the Black Smoothing Stone, The Hag or Holed Stone, the Cloch Labrais or compelling stone, Clach Deare- the red stone, Clocha Geala-the nine white stones
● The Ematille or Gemma Babylonica
● Dipping to bless waters to heal
● The use of iron pyrite as “the witch-stone”.
● Forspoken water- preparation and use
● As a special treat: The Turn back charm (a rare and coveted traditional practice)