Raising a Faery Cairn at Dreamland!

July 26, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
233 Downs Rd
Suggested donation: $25-75
Fearn Lickfield


Dreamland and the House of Brigh presents:

Raising a Faery Cairn:

An Educational Workshop and Immersion Experience

Led by Orion Foxwood

The Faery Cairn is a well into the living memory of the land, a meeting point of human and Faery contact & communion, a living classroom and an activated energy center for raising the original Edenic vision of the Earth for Healing and Restoration of our planet.

The Faery Cairn is is a place of offering to the Spirits of the Land and a portal for the Faery and Spirits of the land to interact, co-create, and communicate with humanity and the creatures of this realm. This is a deeply spiritual workshop walking in the footsteps of the ancients giving devoted labor and enduring form to original alliance between humanity and the Cousins, Co-walkers and companions known as the Shining Ones, the Good Neighbors, the Faery.

This event is a rare opportunity to learn the lore, history and design of the HOB Faery Seership stone cairn. This is the first Cairn raised by Orion in over 10 years and this one is a large one, built with an actual ancient well with live water at its center. Usually, the well part of the Cairn is symbolic and energetic but this one is actual which makes it very special and very powerful. Most Cairns are more like piles of stones, but this one has a specific design.  There are specific techniques and practices  associated with building, activating, empowering and using it. Over the last 25 years Orion has lead the construction of these cairns in Atlanta GA., Artemis PA., Norfolk VA, Beltsville MD, Portland OR, and St. Petersburg FL – each of varying sizes and states of permanence.

The event is broken down into four distinctive parts:

1) An Introduction to the history, lore, design, visionary techniques and the “Keepers of the Cairn Fellowship” to build, maintain and care for the Dreamland Cairn;

2) The physical construction of the Cairn including any last minute preparation of the soil, tamping the soil and adjustments to the contour of the landscape then forming the parts of the Cairn: (a) The rising Crown of the Queen; (b) the Well of Knowing the Faery Well) (c) the Four Roads and the Roots of the Inverted Tree; and (c) the Four Sentinel Stones as gates of Stellar, Lunar, Solar and Planetary mysteries, the 4 holy winds,the 4 provinces, haunted winds etc. The western stone is the Faery Gate to the Stars.

3) Activation and Consecration including Feeding (Libating) the Sentinel Stones to quicken the four roads and the roots of the inverted tree, “Opening the Faery Well” technique to raise the Original Vision, raising the Green Mist; and

4) Processing and integrating the experiences of the day and a brief teaching on the uses of the Faery Cairn. Then feasting and celebrating our work and the community of co-creation…human and Faery!

This is a semi private event, open to HOB Faery Seership students as well as GMDO students and alumni. 
We ask that participants bring something to contribute to a potluck dinner feast
Also, work gloves, an extra wheelbarrow, and biodegradable offerings for the Faery and Dreamland.

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