Romancing the Land; Lore, Legends and Practices for Engaging the Spiritual Landscape

May 14, 2022 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
50-100 sliding scale
Fearn Lickfield
An informative, insightful and soulful online workshop on restoring our sacred relationship with the land where we live and Earth as Mother to the past, present and future
with Fearn Lickfield, Archdruid of the Green Mountain Druid Order & Director, Dreamland Sanctuary
& Orion Foxwood, Eco-magical Activist, Author, Founder and Director of the House of Brigh Faery Seership Institute
“It’s the Land, it is our wisdom. It’s the Land, it shines us through. It’s the Land, it feeds our children. It’s the Land, you cannot own the Land The Land owns you.”   Dougie Maclean
Indigenous wisdom traditions throughout the world and in many folk traditions as well, teach that the earth and her land and waters and all life forms thereon, are sacred and must be honored and cared for beyond all else. They understood, as we must now, that all life here is inexorably intertwined in a co-creative, co-existent and interpenetrating web of life that gives us food, shelter, form and more and its threads and inherent life extend the realms of seen, unseen and thresholds in-between.
Our relationship with this wisdom gave us purpose and a sense of being home- a harmonious state woefully lacking in the modern world over-run by a feeling of homesickness and isolation. The cure is just beneath our feet. In this
workshop, we will visit that salve of the soul and receive knowledge to bring us home including:
Orion will share some of the following-
● Romancing the Land- Cultivating a living awareness of “the Life that Runs Through all”
● Life in the Shenandoah Valley and the Moonridge center experience.
● Places may hold in trust a part of your souls-the Moonridge experience
● The “Original People” are inside all people
● Wherever we are is calibrated by the genus loci
● Communicating with human imprints and haunts and non-human intelligences
● Cleaning, clearing, quickening, soothing and regenerating wounded land
● Living in rhythm with the land
● Life on, in and under the land- seen, unseen and thresholds in between
● Loving the partnership, engaging the interrations, encountering the unfamiliar, respecting the private life and the concept of campuses
● Becoming re-made by the land.
● Hiraeth, the Concept of “the Sacred-Land”, “the Core-Wound”, “Mapping the Inscape- Techniques for engaging the “Living Memory of the land”
Fearn will share some of the following-
● Dreamland- my story of finding and courting this place
● Sovereignty and Humility- a balanced approach to sacred stewardry
● Honoring the ancestors of place, the indigenous history
● Holding council with Genus loci, ancestors, guardians.
● Land with mission- how to be in the co-creative process with place
● Building a bridge to our ancestral mother lands- landing and rooting fully. ● Becoming Nature, Becoming Native- weaving ourselves back into the Web
● observing and beholding ecosystem thru the seasons, the years
● knowing your neighbors and tracking earth changes.
● Mutual Protection and Care with the spirits of place
● What we know we love. What we love we protect.
● Becoming a Guardian and being guarded
● Temple building- Faerie Cairn, Stone Circle, Labyrinth (Faerie, Dragon, Serpent)