Shamanic Support for Depression and Anxiety

July 2, 2022 all-day
Dreamland Sanctuary
Shamanic Support for Depression and Anxiety @ Dreamland Sanctuary

10 am to 5pm

with Meri Fowler

Please bring a drum if you have one, camp chair, blanket, sunscreen/hat, lunch and water.

Cost $80 (sliding scale)  If you wish to pay a different amount just pay direct thru paypal (

and put in name of this worshop in the notes.


This course is designed to teach Shamanic technique that can support  people suffering from anxiety, depression and stress. So many people are burdened with fear of the future, hopelessness, crippling stress and uncertainty. Sometimes they are advised to meditate as a way of coping but it is virtually impossible to meditate properly when depression or stress zaps your energy. Shamanic technique includes drumming and other practices that can be easily incorporated with little or no cost into a busy life. ​This course does not replace medication and therapy but will teach shamanic techniques that can help you to regain some connection with yourself and with happiness.

What people are saying about this course:

“In Shamanic Support Group for Depression and Anxiety, Meri has created a welcoming, friendly, and supportive energy that made it easy to share reflections on the tools she taught us. I gained mental health strategies like drumming and guided visualizations that helped me cultivate calm on the inside. I especially loved learning how awareness of the spirit of nature, animals and loved ones in spirit form can support us unconditionally in pursuing a self-healing path. Thank you sincerely, Meri!” ~Kalyn Sloan ”

The Shamanic support group provided a safe place to learn new ways to cope with anxiety and depression. I found an understanding of why I have these feelings and gained a new set of tools to use to ease my symptoms. This group gave me the information I needed to help myself and my family. ” Sarah “I feel like I want to do it again just for the experience of it once again  wonderful course.” Loni Dilaj

“Wonderful course drawing on all the spirits around to give me strength and guidance. I would recommend this course to anyone feeling anxious or depressed it works , it helps. And you feel great.” Walter Maclean “A really good class, not talking about personal problems, instead offering helping solutions to whatever the problems might be. Well worth the time and effort.” Herne

” I really enjoyed this course. The exercises are very simple and accessible to practitioners of any level. And if you open a space in your life for this practice, you start to notice that you’re not alone, that something bigger is accompanying and supporting you in everyday life. The energy was very positive and peaceful during the sessions. This is what I needed: some time and space free of what depresses me and filled with what makes me a different person.” Yana