The Green Fire of Life

June 3, 2022 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Dreamland Sanctuary
Fearn Lickfield

 The Potent Power, Enduring Wisdom & Sacred Presence of Plants and Trees

with Orion Foxwood

 “Green Fire of Joy. Green Fire of Life.

Be with Thou through the Stress and Strife.

Be with Thou through the Shadow and Shine”…

(Fiona Macleod)


                                       The folkloric faery tradition teaches that there are three great oceans that make life possible on earth: the ocean of blue (water), the ocean of black (the soil) and the ocean of green (the plants and trees). The vast presence of this “green ocean” in its rich diversity maintains the ozone, feeds us food, produces oxygen, and bridges many vital elements needed for our body’s wellbeing.  Their bodies for our homes, paper, herbal medicines, and the list goes on. The very image of a tree is imprinted on our nervous system, and it forms the sacred image of the cosmogram. With all this, we deforest, over harvest, and treat the green world as an expendable resource without intelligence.  Now, we face an extinction event, species die off and cataclysmic weather changes. We must re- teether ourselves, as our ancestors did to the axis Mundi, and be washed in the heart flame of Green fire. This is material I have never presented before, and it is extremely powerful. Come and learn the ancient mystery of “the Green Re-veining,” “the Green Flame and the Ocean of Green”, “the Green Mist of Eternal Spring”, “the Green Children”, “the Original Trees”, “the Sword of the Green Flame” (lineage and technique), “the Water and Soil Blessing”, the use of “the Circulating Breath”, “Bless and Take Hands with the Little Giants. and more. This workshop will be very experimental and we will be in direct contact with profound power, presence, and wisdom. New allies will emerge from the primal memory and may change your relationship with the Green People forever.