The Magic Mask

October 25, 2020 @ 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Dreamland in Worcester, VT.

Connecting and crafting with Nature for strength and protection

Sorry, the Oct. 25th event is cancelled.  

Oct. 29th at Rootstock Retreat in Glover VT from 2-8:30pm (includes dinner)  For more info and to register for this one, click here. 

As we enter the time of dark and cold, we are more likely to feel isolated. There is much in the world to activate our fear, loss, and outrage. Many are feeling depleted and deeply concerned about the future. Now is the time to build in all our support systems to get us safely and sanely through the long winter ahead.
Masks have been used ceremonially in many cultures to go beyond our limited human perception of the world, to merge with other beings, and to access wisdom, healing and power.
In this workshop we will journey to the lower world to call out for an ally who is willing and able to walk with us thru these dark times as a guardian.  This could be a creature, faery, plant or ancestor.  We will then spend time painting a mask that carries the image and energy of this being.  I will provide organic cotton (COVID style) white masks and fabric markers. 
We will activate our masks in a sacred ceremony to embody our new allies.  Our masks will become powerful magic tools. From now on, when we don our magic masks, we will be stepping into conscious connection, strength and protection.  We never walk alone.

This workshop will take place outdoors with limited numbers and safe distancing. 

If weather looks wet, we will reschedule. 


Foxmask pictured by Deshria Illustration: