The Magic of Three Sticks with R J Stewart & Anastacia Nutt

June 6, 2020 @ 10:00 am – June 7, 2020 @ 6:00 pm
233 downs rd
Fearn Lickfield

This weekend workshop is being postponed.  Stay tuned for an online class offer by RJ and Anastacia during this weekend, as well as a new date for the full workshop. 

The Magic of Three Sticks is a new workshop, open to everyone. It is part of our Old Faery Tradition series, substantially evolved from R J Stewart’s original classes on Three Sticks first taught in Britain and the USA in the 1990s.

Stick Magic is found in many folkloric traditions worldwide: our workshop, drawing partly on Scottish, Welsh, and European roots, includes many practical developments for contemporary use.

If you have done Three Sticks Magic in the past, or any of RJ’s faery events, or if the whole concept is new to you, there are many riches to be discovered in this workshop. The weekend program will include visionary meditations, connections to InnerWorld spiritual contacts, and a unique empowering consecration ritual for our sets of Three Sticks, both for new sets and for existing sets from previous rituals or events with RJ.

The Magic of Three Sticks attunes three short sticks to the Consciousness-Directions of Human, Faery, and Living Creature, through the enduring medium of hardened wood. Once the sticks are empowered, they steadily become magical tools that work with us for our ceremonies, dreams and visions, and meditations. The sticks can be used singly or together within the Threefold Alliance of Human, Faery, and Living Creature.

We will discover and practice ways of using the sticks for seership, magical pattern making, and enhancing Otherworldly communication.

Bring with you three plain undecorated sticks as long as your longest finger. New sticks must not have been used for any other magical or meditative work. They can be of any natural wood, ideally found rather than cut, and already dry and firm. A good choice is that of Oak Ash and Thorn, three of the primal trees in folkloric magical tradition, but any wood that you prefer is good.


Please join us for The Magic of Three Sticks!