Wisdom Journey; Sacred Rite of Menopause

December 4, 2021 @ 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Dreamland in Worcester, VT.

This event is full and now in process.  

A Wisdom Journey

A Sacred Rite of Passage Ceremony for Peri/Menopausal People

Hear the Call. Plans are afoot for a Sacred Rite of Passage ceremony, by and for peri/menopausal people that identify as women. 

We will walk into and through a passageway together, joining hands with all those that have come before us in this role, and those that came before them, honoring ourselves as the weavers, the magic makers, the mystery holders; as the ones that sing to the dark as it descends, and to the light as it appears again, pulling down the mists to find the deeper, hidden meaning within our lives. 

Physical setting and covid safety protocols: This event will now be taking place in both an indoor and outdoor setting. The indoor setting will be a wood stove-heated yurt, which will mean participants will need to provide proof of vaccination before the event and will also be required to wear a mask for this portion. The outdoor portion will be in a rural field and woodland setting, with some walking on a rough road and/or paths, with some minor uphill and downhill walking, at dusk and in possible darkness for the final portions of the event. 

Registration/$33 – $113 donation/scholarship attendence/waiting list: We are no longer taking active registrations for this event, but please reach out soon if you’d like to be placed on a waiting list or to take one of the scholarship spots we’re holding. Anyone placed on the waiting list will be contacted in the event of a cancellation before the event. Non-scholarship participants will be asked to contribute more, up to a total of $113, if they feel moved and able to do so, in early November. 

Registered participants will begin preparing for the ceremony on the New/Dark Moon of November, 11/4, a month before the ceremony takes place. These details will be shared with you in early November. 

We plan to repeat this offering in years to come, so, if any mobility/accessibility or covid safety protocols leave you choosing not to participate, we hope you’ll join us in the future for this wisdom journey then, when we’re hopeful we’ll be able to do this with more flexibility.

Auntie Bear, Carolyn Hooper and Genevieve Drutchas