Dreamland Sanctuary Donation


Dreamland Sanctuary, Inc is a 501 C 3 tax deductible organization.

We are  a sustainable community sanctuary; a land of magic and dreams where we remember, restore and tend our relationship with our ancestral roots and the Sacred Earth.

Dreamland Sanctuary hosts the Green Mountain Druid School, and other ecospiritual workshops, ceremonies, ecstatic dance, retreats, conservation of endangered medicinals, trails, growing food and medicine, community work days, a green burial cemetary, sacred earth temples, and celebrations of the arts.

Projects for 2022 include:

  • Building the Gatehouse; a 4 season home for a full time caretaker to support Fearn and the many functions of stewarding the sanctuary.
  • The research, surveying and designing of our own community Natural burial Cemetery, and a tractor to do the digging!
  • In the next 5 years, we look forward to building a ceremonial sauna and more retreat cabins!

We thank you for helping us gather the resources to manifest the dream of Dreamland!