Scottish Witchcraft and the Roots of Common Practice


Sold By: Green Mountain Druid Order


with Meri Fowler

Saturday, Aug. 3rd

2-5pm, $40

Dreamland, VT.

Meri will give a 3 hour workshop at Dreamland this summer based on her research and reading of folk-magick, Witchcraft and shamanism in 17th century Scotland and discuss how it is a major influence on the practice of the Craft today. Within this topic she will examine the old faery faith as an integral part of the Witch’s way and the influences of pre-Christian shamanic technique.

Whether you are a Witch, Druid or Faery Seer, understanding where your practice and beliefs come from will deepen your connection to your spiritual work and promote insight into a profound level of nature-based reverence and partnership. Along with the talk she will be leading some exercises for the participants to catch a glimpse of another time and offer some interesting training ideas designed to enrich their own transformative work. This talk is suitable for anyone interested in the history of magic.


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