The Green Mountain Druid Order

Our Classroom
Our Classroom

The Green Mountain Druid Order (the GMDO) was created by Ivan McBeth and Fearn Lickfield and became active in the spring of 2006 when the first 3-year Druid Training started. Since then the Green Mountain Druid Training has started eight new trainings, with a break in 2011. The GMDO is based on 70 acres of land in Worcester, Vermont, called Dreamland, which consists of forest, ledge, meadow, a swimming pond, and amazing views. Facilities include a ceremonial space with a central fire pit, surrounded by a stone circle.

The GMDO is an umbrella organization that includes both the Green Mountain School of Druidry (GMSD), and the Druid community that has grown up as a result of the training. The Druid school is run by Ivan and Fearn, and the community is largely self-governed by its members. There are various meetings and activities for members of the community, including an annual meeting, regular Grove meetings, an annual Eisteddfod, public Summer and Winter Solstice ceremonies, a 5-day Druid Camp, bi-monthly dances and spontaneous happenings.

 Mission Statement

The GMDO is a contemporary Mystery School, with community, based in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Rooted in ancient wisdom, our Order was created in these times of great change with the intent of training a growing number of empowered Druids. We align ourselves with the spirit of the earth in order to heal, teach, and make a real difference in the world.


A definition of a GMDO Member is as follows:

“Any person over the age of 18, in good standing, who is currently enrolled in, or has completed at least one full grade of the Green Mountain Druid Order Training, willing to abide by the Code of Conduct of the GMDO and participate in at least one annual assembly meeting per year.”

  • *Included are all members currently enrolled in the Training that have not completed their first year,
  • *Also included are people in the Home Study Course in compliance and in regular communication,
  • *This allows for individuals that have completed one complete training period – the Bardic year – that either stop there or take time off – to choose to continue to be a member of the GMDO Community.

Ceremony in Stones