Meet the Staff

…of the Green Mountain School of Druidry!

Fearn Lickfield is teacher, administrator, director and Chief of the Green Mountain Druid School and Order. As head teacher she is present with each grade of the Druid Training, and assisted by one or more of the wonderful Druid teachers below.

Fearn is web weaver and remembrance facilitator, guiding people back into the Heart of Nature.  She walks as a spiritual educator and guide, flower essence practitioner, geomancer, faery seer, dowser, ecstatic dance leader, community organizer, gardener and medicine maker. Being a lover of magic and ritual, she creates and leads community celebrations in honor of the earth and waters, the seasons and for rites of passage. Fearn is steward of Dreamland, home of the GMDS; a sanctuary and mystery school in Worcester VT.


Administrative Assistant: Garret White (he/him/Love) is part sandpiper, and part chickadee.  He comes from land of the tall white pines, and land surrounded by sea.  At his most creative, Garret is a writer and performer, ever-working on encouraging himself when doubt sets in. He loves to walk, sing, doodle, drum, eat and entertain, and self-identifies as a beautifully imperfect, effervescent miscreant.


Victoria Brosnan -Druid, Heart Fire Clan, GMDO 2019 

Faery Seer, Priestess Path Gen 14, Cuddle Party Facilitator, Certified Fire-walk Facilitator, Mama, Neurodiverse. She/ They. I have been on a spiritual path and doing trainings for over 2 decades and love sharing what I know. It is a joy for me to create containers for transformation for folks. I love witnessing people on their journey.


Hazel Turrone (they/she) of the Stone Weaver Clan has been exploring the realms of alternative healing for over 30 years.  Weaving together massage, structural integration, intuitive energetic healing, shamanism, ancestral lineage repair, sound, ritual, geomancy, mediumship, nervous system co-regulation, movement, play, performance and embodied liberation work, they support individuals and groups to connect more deeply to who we truly are and what is more possible within ourselves, within the collective and within our relationships with the other-than-human.  She is a street medic and de-escalator who is in continual inquiry and exploration of how to shift the patterns of systemic oppression that live within our bodies and continually weaves her medicine of curiosity into their personal and collective work.  Queer, european descendant, cis-passing, single parent, land owner.


Melanie “Ash” Severo graduated from the Green Mountain Druid School as a member of the Heartwood Clan in2023. Ash recalls her first experience of the Sacred in Nature going back to her childhood church camp, and has taken a long and winding road to find her Spiritual Home in Druidry. She lives in Essex, VT, where she has a private acupuncture practice; she is also pursuing her certification in Nature Connected Life Coaching through the Earth Based Institute in Boulder, CO.



Laura Smith-Riva is a graduate of the Green Mountain Druid School (2022 – Moose Clan). She has a life long love of the natural world and is interested the deep connection between the natural landscape and the primal inner landscape of the psyche, exploring the deeper truths that support creativity and authenticity in daily living. She is a writer and artist following the creative inspirations offered by dreams, visions and earth based spiritual practices, encouraging this exploration in others. She was drawn to Druidry through a deep longing for earth centered spiritual connection that was not appropriating of other indigenous identities, and finding her own lineage that traces back to Northern Europe and the British Isles. Laura is a Natural Dreamwork Practitioner working one-on-one with individuals internationally, through group and retreat work. In addition to teaching with the GMDS, she teaches and mentors dreamwork practitioners and teaches about dreams and creativity through the Studio for Movement, Arts & Therapies in Bangalore India. She is a former member of the board of directors for Dreamland Sanctuary and is a founding member of The Natural Dream as well as New England Regional Representative for the International Association for the Study of Dreams. Laura lives in Central Vermont with her partner of 27 years and their furry companion, Roscoe, and also enjoys snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, and hunting for old bottles and relics of the past in the woodlands and fields of Vermont.


Joe GhostFox LeVasseur is a mystic, depth psychology coach, and existential guide. He is a GMDS graduate of the Heatfire Clan.