Dreamland Internship

This position is open for 2024.

Immerse yourself in the sanctuary, stewardry and community of Dreamland Sanctuary this year!

We are looking for a person who is responsible, independent, friendly, motivated, good with animals, has strong DIY carpentry and plumbing skills, and likes working with their hands.


Work 6-8 hrs/week from May – October .

A variety of seasonal maintenance projects:

  • mowing, painting, building, gardening,
  • repairs, weed whacking, wood stacking, trail clearing
  • Prepping, cleaning and stocking bathrooms, cottage and yurt for guests and events
  • Occasional house and animal sitting when Fearn is away.
  • other projects as requested


A beautiful place to live for the duration of the position.

We welcome someone with their own mobile tiny house or camper, or camp with your own tent on our forest platform.

Immersion in the sanctuary, stewardry and community of Dreamland and the Green Mountain Druid School.

Admission to additional workshops, dances, ceremonies at Dreamland, as appropriate.


Other considerations:

Intern must be comfortable with simple, off grid living. This means limited electricity, cell reception and wifi on site.

They must provide their own food and transport.

If they need to go away, hours can be made up. 


For more details email me at fearnessence@gmail.com