What to know about attending events at Dreamland

Dreamland is in Worcester, Vermont.  Just 9 miles north of Montpelier, the capitol. 

I do not give my address because if you use GPS to find us, you will be led astray on impassible roads!  Please use these directions!

Directions to Dreamland
Take exit 8 (Montpelier) off rt. 89 and follow signs for Rt. 12 North.  You will go left at the 4th light which is also Main St.  Follow Main St. until you get to the rotary.  Follow signs for Rt. 12 N.  Once on 12 you will travel about 8 miles. Turn left onto Downs Rd.  Look for a light yellow farm house on the corner with brown trim.  Please drive SLOWLY by this house or the owner will come out cursing!  Follow Downs for about a mile.  It is dirt and turns to class 4 (unmaintained) just before you get to our driveway.  Beware of rocks!  If you do not have good clearance you may want to park on the right side of the road before it gets rough and walk in.  Do not block the turn-around.   If you drive in, you will see our green metal gates and Dreamland sign on the right.

Airport- The closest airport is Burlington (BTV).  It is about an hour away.

Parking– Parking is limited at Dreamland.  Carpooling is always encouraged!  There are a few spots across from the pond that are fairly flat.  These are reserved for car campers.  If you are not car camping, you can park along the right side of the driveway going up the hill after the pond, or across from the yurt.  There is one spot just above the yurt for anyone who has mobility challenges.  Do not park on grass or in camp sites!  Once all spots here are filled you can park on the right side of Downs road.

Camping– We encourage you to stay on the land if you are able!  Dreamland is a power center and will bring you blessings if you sink into her loving arms to dream…. We have two main flattish camping areas and several smaller flat spots for a single tent.  Feel free to ask if you need direction.  Camping in cars and communal sleeping in yurt are also welcome.

Dreamland is off grid and solar powered! 

Hand washing – there is a handwashing station just outside the yurt.  Please use before cooking or eating or touching others.

Pond– The pond aka the Cauldron of Rebirth is wonderful for swimming.  We share it with turtles, fish, frogs, toads, newts and the occasional water fowl..  Clothing is optional.  There are rare plants and fish and frog eggs that we try not to disturb at times… We will let you know if this is the case.

Yurt facilities– The yurt, aka The Hollow Hill is our indoor classroom and kitchen.  Our kitchen has rain water for washing up and filtered drinking water, a sink, gas burners, outdoor grill, and all the pots, pans, and eating equipment you will need.

We do NOT have electricity, refrigeration or an indoor oven.

There is minimal solar for some lighting at night.

We have low chairs and cushions and a few higher chairs for seating.

Please take your shoes off when entering the yurt.  Slippers are a good idea in colder times!

We have a wood stove for the colder times.  Please ask before using it.

Coolers and ice– Please bring your own cooler and ice for any food you are storing here.  Keep your cooler in your car at night to prevent issues with bears.

Tea, coffee– We have a selection of herbal teas, ground coffee, French presses, and local honey.  If you want milk products or other sweeteners please BYO.

Water– Water is life!  Please conserve water.  Use the two sinks for wash and rinse.  We use rain water for dishes and will have well water for drinking.

Camp chairs– we have extra camp chairs in the tarp shed in the woods just across the driveway from the yurt.  Feel free to grab one if you need one.

Water bottle– BYO water bottle and refill as needed!

Temples spaces– We have three amazing earth temples at Dreamland.  The stone circle (Dragon temple) with central fire pit is our main ceremonial space.  The 7 circuit labyrinth (Serpent temple) is a wonderful place for solitary work, quiet reflection and grounding.  The Faery Well in the woods is a place of deep magick and a gateway to the Faery Realms below.

Protection; bugs/ticks, sun, rain, cold– Please be prepared for all weathers and insects while here. The deer ticks have arrived so tick checks are very important.  Please use natural repellents if possible, especially if you are going to swim in the pond!

Payments– Hopefully you have pre-paid before arriving for your event, but if not please come see Fearn or her assistant as soon as possible.  Make checks out to GMDS.  Cash payments are always welcome!

Where to get food, gas, etc.

LBJ’s- Worcester village, general store, gas and café are just 2 miles away.  Go to end of Downs and take a left.  Drive one mile north on rt. 12.  LBJ’s will be on your right.

Montpelier is 8 miles south on rt. 12.  There are groceries- Hunger Mountain Coop and Shaws, and several restaurants.