The 6 Core Principles of GMDO


DRUIDRY is a way of life: in other words, the teachings need to be integrated
into our everyday lives. Above all Druids revere Nature, which
includes all beings on all levels. We, the Green Mountain Druid
Order, aspire to all of the principles described below. These core
principles have been derived from the teachings offered in the GMDO
Training, and are expected to become an ongoing, active expression of
all our members. This applies in interactions between members and
especially when interfacing with the outer world:

1. AWARENESS can be described as consciousness, mindfulness, being awake and alert,
and presence. Awareness can be acquired and increased like any skill,
and simply requires the presence of excess energy. Hence, Druids hunt
energy, which provides healing, and increases awareness. Awareness
increases the aliveness of our energy bodies, and especially opens
the ‘Third Eye’ chakra, which in turn provides enlightenment and
inner knowing. Taking responsibility for our selves and our lives is
essential to becoming fully aware, and gives us the empowerment to
change our lives consciously for the better. Recognizing our lives as
a perfect mirror gives us the tool to know ourselves. Discovering,
acknowledging, accepting and integrating our shadow sides are an
essential part of our healing and Druidic work.

2.INTEGRITY in an organism or a system, Integrity implies strength and wholeness,
with all bits in their proper place and acting together in harmony.
In human terms, integrity implies a healthy and wholesome character,
well-balanced and motivated by a desire to be authentic, truthful,
trustworthy, competent and impeccable. Integrity manifests through
every word, thought and action, and is embodied through ‘walking
one’s talk’.

3.LOVE. There is no power greater than love. It is the force behind all life, and
creation; it is the divine essence and is channeled through an opened
heart. True love is unconditional and its expression is kindness and
compassion. Druids aspire to walk a path with heart which means
letting love guide our steps, our purpose, our actions , our
communication and all our relationships. 

4.RESPECT is both an act and an attitude that treats one self and all beings with
equal kindness and understanding. Respect means accepting and
honoring the unique and individual lifestyles and the beliefs of all
beings. It implies unconditional love, empathy, compassion,
equanimity, and the practice of harmlessness. We all have a right to
be here, and to act as we wish as long as it harm no-one. We all
deserve the acceptance and support of each other.

5. RESPONSIBILITY is the ability and willingness to respond wisely to any situation; it
suggests accountability and an awareness of the consequences of one’s
decisions, for example 7 generations into the future. To be
responsible means being empowered to lead by example, to walk one’s
talk, to undertake to make something happen if it is needed, and to
follow through on any agreements and/or promises.

6.WISDOM can only be acquired and manifested through personal life experience. It
is an inner knowing resulting from a developed intuition, common
sense and awareness, and manifests in actions which create, according
to their intent, harmony and wholeness. Wisdom in action is the
awareness that we are all One and that we are interdependent upon one