The Druid

The Three Grades of Druidry: 3. The Druid

Druid with Stones
Druid with Stones

Once a student has fully completed his Ovate study, and has attained the necessary transformation, he or she is initiated into the Druid Grade. This initiation awakens the persons’ empowerment as a magical, manifesting human being. At this point in his training the budding Druid starts to hone and develop his increasing powers with focus and finesse. A new sense of empowerment triggers him to activate and integrate his life and skills for the benefit of his community, in service and healing of the world at large. Someone wise once said, “Power belongs to those who use it.” The Druid starts to exercise his power to make his dreams come true.

On their first weekend session together, the new Druids request Gaia – the Land – for her hand in marriage, and then most of the Druid Grade is a preparation for this sacred union. In the springtime after graduation in Vermont, the Druids make a pilgrimage to the UK to perform their marriage ceremonies with Gaia inside the magical hanging stones of Stonehenge.

The Druid student learns how to teach, both by instruction and by example, inspiring others by his lifestyle. He becomes a mentor for others. He starts to manifest his dreams, and the dreams of the planet – for they are starting to align, and are in fact the same. In his Druid year he learns about leadership, and assuming the authority of Spirit in his community.

He learns about the ceremonies and teachings that keep a community healthy, especially Rites of Passage. He learns the skills of the priest or priestess, and how to officiate at ceremonies and gatherings. He learns how to advise, comfort and council, and how to be a support in times of passing.

After the three year training, there is only one consideration: how far will the Druid be able to travel along the path of his unique, unfolding destiny before old age finally stops him? There are still initiations to undergo along this path, just as the universe is infinite, and one major motivation of the Druid is to become as aware and as whole a person as possible in the time that is allotted him. While he still has breath in his body, he thrills with joy and gratitude for this great gift of life he has been given, and strives to use every moment of his priceless time with awareness and celebration.

Druids engage in projects they choose, under the general headings of:

  • Temple Building
  • Community Service 
  • Embodying a Divinity (called Assumption)

In their own time, they must design, build, dedicate and then use a temple of their own choice. They also hunt a wound or draining habit and learn how to transform it, and then they research a god or goddess they wish to channel, create deep relationship with him or her, and then, in ceremony, become that Divine being witnessed by the other Druids in their clan.

The Druid lives a balanced life, living in a physical body, which he opens up for Spirit. He recognizes himself as a bridge connecting Above with Below, and dedicates himself to keeping a healthy flow of energy between these two extremes. Most of all, he understands that he must become an authentic, whole being who walks his talk, sharing his considerable energy and skills with whoever needs them. This invariably liberates magic and joy in his life and into the world. In this way he finds his freedom.


The three years’ of Druid Training is only the start of the student’s study, which actually never ends. By the end of the training, however, the Druid will have received all the techniques and teachings necessary for enlightenment and freedom; all he has to do is to put them into practice, and live an impeccable life.

Life is a mystery, for we will never figure it out: it is here to be lived and experienced to the utmost. The more aware we become, the greater the capacity we have to live on the frontiers of the Known, blazing our unique and individual trail through the universe. What a challenge! What a joy!

  The Druid Training includes:

  • *Earth Divining and healing
  •  *Working with Dragons and Serpents
  • *Sacred Space Co-creation
  • *Time Travel
  •  *Becoming a Watcher
  • *Teacher Training and Mentorship
  • *The life and training of a Priest or Priestess
  • *The King and Queen – Sovereignty
  • *Empowerment as a Human Being
  • *Holding and Gestating the Dream
  • *Leading and choreographing ceremony
  • *Magic Theatre
  • *The Solar Angel
  • *Embodying the Divine
  •  *Finding your Clan name
  • *Conscious Group workings
  • *How to Walk our Talk
  • *Advanced Shamanic Journeying
  • *A Service Project 
  • *Preparation for Marrying the Land
  • *Becoming an active Guardian of the Earth