Scholarship Fund




We are committed to keeping the Green Mountain School of Druidry accessible to people of diverse resources and backgrounds. 



Scholarship Fund

Each year we host workshops and events that are dedicated to enriching our scholarship fund to this end. Scholarship is offered based on available funds and as people in need apply.

Would you like to donate to our Scholarship Fund?     

 You can send a check made out to GMDS to 233 Downs Rd Worcester, VT. 05682.  Thank you!


We have one full scholarship dedicated to a BIPOC person.

The BIPOC Scholarship Fund is intended to address financial barriers to attending Druid school that result from institutional and structural racism. We acknowledge that we are learning and likely to do this imperfectly. In this spirit, we welcome constructive feedback from people of color about how best to do this. Our intention is to provide transparency and adaptability through this process.


For more info and to apply for Scholarship, contact Fearn at